Who Starts a Cult: an interview w/ Unicole Unicron

Unicole Unicron on the left, a logo reading "Who Stars a Cult" in the middle; and Erin on the right

On April 4th 2022, UNICULT founder Unicole Unicron joined the UNICULT 24 Hour Live Stream for an interview with UNICULT member Erin. The video version is available for UNICULT YouTube channel members at https://www.youtube.com/unicult; many thanks to Unicole for taking time for this interview and you can learn more about UNICULT at http://www.joinunicult.com 

ERIN: When I started watching a lot of media about UNICULT and about you back in 2019 I noticed a very particular thing, a through-line in everything; you have a lot of potlucks. So, why do you like potlucks? Was this an enjoyment that started before UNICULT or are they just a great recruitment tactic 

UNICOLE: Great question, I've never been asked that question Erin, thank you. I used to have monthly potlucks and that's how we started UNICULT. I had them up until quarantine pretty much, maybe not every month, but they were vegetarian or vegan potlucks and I would invite all my friends. One of the things that I really loved about UNICULT potlucks was introducing people to each other; you know sometimes you meet someone and your brain is like, "This person is so weird and brilliant and so is my other friend and you guys need to meet." 

I'm really obsessed with that sort of collaboration, getting people to meet each other and hearing what they say, it's like this explosive energy. I'm not saying like matchmaking or something, but just it's almost like "Wife Swap"; I don't mean to potentially put people in contrarian situations, but more just "oh yeah I'm really into this, oh yeah I'm really into that". Activating people through meeting each other.

So for me that's the best part about it. There's other parts about it I really like too. I'm pretty agoraphobic and I don't do a very good job of keeping up with my friends. I don't do a good job of going to things. I like to stay at home a lot and at a potluck everyone comes to you, and historically speaking I haven't been super good about taking care of myself, feeding myself or cleaning my house, and by having a potluck you clean your house, you have a bunch of people bringing you delicious homemade food, and it's always a great time. I don't really like to be around alcohol. I don't drink and people who are inebriated make me uncomfortable sometimes, so when it's your own potluck you can sort of control that and you can say okay it's happening at 3 P.M on a Sunday and here's a little plate of edibles and there's no alcohol. 

Sometimes people would bring a bottle of tequila and I'd be like "thank you so much" and I'd hide it because I don't like to serve alcohol. It's nice when it's (potlucks) in your own home, it's a great way to build community also. 

The last thing is that vegan potlucks are listed as a terrorist activity by Homeland Security, so I kind of like to be a rebel in that way.

ERIN: That makes absolutely no sense, but I'm not surprised.

UNICOLE: I guess traditionally radical groups have used vegan potlucks and so they categorized it as an activity to keep an eye on...I mean we are (a radical group).

ERIN: That's really cool. It's just something I noticed and I think it's fun and I always had a very big fear of potlucks. Taking food from one place to another place in a dish. It's a fear of spills and food being cold, it just throws off the whole thing. It's ridiculous (on my part).

So this is ten years. Ten years blows my mind, I can't believe it. There are some historical questions I did want to ask. I like what you said about bringing people together kind of like "Wife Swap", making people uncomfortable. We make people uncomfortable in a whole bunch of ways. That's why I kind of already know the answer to the question "why's this a cult?", but gaining members in the beginning, setting aside people thinking it's a cult and that being a barrier for people, how were you getting members in the beginning and what were the challenges other than that?

UNICOLE: We didn't, at first. You don't have the following, you don't have the aesthetic, you don't have the background. I felt so frustrated trying to be like "no, I'm going to change the world, you don't understand", and it's like I didn't have much to show yet and that was really hard for me. 

There was someone I was in love with when I was in college, and he had depression and I really connected with him in that space, you know of, like, really having this I don't know, just depression, this nihilistic worldview. He was an artist and I really loved him. I don't know why I don't even really feel like I knew him that well, but there's something about him that made me just...right I was honestly batshit crazy for him and a big part of starting UNICULT was him as an idea of someone I would like to help.

It wasn't for him, but it was definitely like these depressed people who are artists who are so deeply feeling. Who are just obviously beautiful souls who aren't being embraced or celebrated in this world. He was sort of the first, what do you call it, human design, there's something where it's your ideal user, like your ideal, your prototype person of your audience. He was sort of the ideal person I wanted to join and he was like "that's not really my thing" and everybody like him that I tried to get to join wasn't really into it and I was confused because I was like "but this is for the cynical artist", this is for those people who are smoking cigarettes and reading Dostoevsky. Those people were not interested in joining UNICULT.

So I first started with that demographic, that's the word I was looking for, and I was surprised when it didn't work out, when they were not excited. But I knew that I was doing the right thing even though people weren't responding positively to it. 

Then I just started telling my coworkers about it. I was working at a bookstore and I had really good friends. They're really amazing people who I met and they entertained me. They didn't understand it fully, they were a little bit "like okay", and I remember I had a couple of friends at the bookstore, and then some people who started there and some people talking about how weird I was like "oh it's okay to be weird, but you don't want to be Unicole weird." People didn't understand me at all even then. I had a few friends who were really excited about it and who went along with my little shtick of the paper application. Basically, the way it was set up in the beginning was that you were supposed to send me ten dollars after you filled out the application. So I gave the applications out freely and then as you returned it, then you were supposed to pay the membership fee.

That was the way to get people involved. I did a lot of internet stuff and I was really surprised that I didn't go viral at this time. I really fully expected Vice to cover it. It was so much aligned with what they talk about and they didn't for a long time. Then I went on Craigslist and I went to every major city and I made postings and I said "Do you want to join a cult?" that sort of thing. I went on Tumblr. I made a bunch of stuff on Tumblr, and again it never went viral. I was really surprised. I thought I'd have like one post go viral on Tumblr and people would make fun of me still, they'd say, "oh you should go on Tumblr you'd be viral there" like as an insult or something and I'd be like "yeah I can't even get viral on Tumblr you know."

So it was really grueling honestly. I used to cry and cry, like how do I explain what I'm trying to do, how do I get people involved, and what's so cool about life when you live it for a while, is that, this life that I'm living right now I manifested in 2012, 2013, 2014, and the group of people we have now, this is the vision that we have and we're about to move on to bigger things now too, and it's just amazing.

ERIN: That's fabulous, there is some stuff in there that I did not know. But eventually you did go viral multiple times, you're a multiple time going viral champion. I've never really known if it was MTV first or that article on Vice, the written article. 

UNICOLE: The written article on Vice was first I think

ERIN: Was there a change? Was there a difference in either what you were doing or where you were posting? Where we're not going viral for however many years originally, but then all of the sudden that original VICE article and then MTV felt like a very quick succession.

UNICOLE: I didn't give up on UNICULT, but I wasn't pushing it. I got tired, I got discouraged and it was something in the background. It was like some art you know, and then I wanted to create UNICULT Supply Co. And the original decision to create UNICULT Supply Co was (because) I didn't want to work anymore. I was so tired of working jobs and I wanted to have a little retail shop. That's hard to do without any investment whatsoever. I didn't have any money at all, honestly.

I was buying things from thrift stores and selling them for ten dollars more than I got them on Etsy for a long time, making nothing. I remember looking at label printers because I was having to print out every label or go to the post office and I looked at label printers and they're more than a hundred dollars. I remember sitting there wondering how could I possibly make enough money that I would have a hundred dollars extra to buy a label printer. How do people do that? So I was working on UNICULT Supply Co (kind of) more than the actual structure of UNICULT in 2014. 

Then I had this friend who was one of those people that lives between realms if you know what I mean, and he was like you should be on MTV. I was like haha you're so funny, and I looked and I went on MTV's website and they were–the vice article was second–I went on MTV's website and it was, "Have You Created Your own Religion?" was the call and I was like are you serious. This person in my life didn't know that was what I was going to find. 

When I applied for the MTV episode I had to showcase what we did as a religion, what were our practices, and it was actually through that opportunity that I started to focus again on the structure of UNICULT; how members join, what types of members we wanted to have and it was a little bit contrived for the reality TV show. What it did is it kicked off a little bit more structure and then we got a lot of attention and a lot of new members and the coolest thing about the MTV episode was that it attracted people who I was not targeting. This is the demographic of people (in) Middle America, some are disabled, some are autistic some are on the spectrum, all these different people who are people I never really came across. Many trans people and there's this whole demographic of people who saw what I was doing and instantly deeply resonated and understood it and they started reaching out to me. I was shocked because I had been pushing and pushing and pushing in the wrong place, on deaf ears, on people who are just entertaining me who weren't really deeply resonating with me.

When I realized who was deeply resonating with me I realized the importance of UNICULT. I always knew the importance, but I realized we are the underdogs, we are the people who society is not taking care of and this is what we need to focus on mostly, we are absolutely 100% here to support, I'm 100% here to support these people.

That was such a cool experience. From a business perspective you talk about pivoting or whatever or shifting your target audience and that was awesome. Those people who contacted me and followed me from the MTV episode opened my mind, they changed UNICULT, they got us on the path we are on today and I'm forever grateful to those people. I didn't know who was even watching MTV because that was just not my reality. I don't watch those kinds of things and the people I reached were not the people I thought I was trying to reach. 

ERIN: That’s a pretty valuable lesson and that's really awesome. And MTV if you're watching, I know you are, make the episodes easier to find online. I think, at least for me personally, being trans and having all these other labels, I was like "okay this is a cult, whatever I get called things all the time." So I'm (personally) going to look a little bit beyond that and we both have talked to people about the word (cult). I do have a question about the word. We both have talked to people about it being a barrier to entry, this is what we're actually doing here, it's still a cult, but it's like this cult.

So I kind of understand how mainstream society looks at it and what they say about it. What I was curious about is, especially in the last two years on YouTube, new age YouTube, there's been an explosion of channeling, starseeds, all of that, which I assume we naturally fit in. Do you get anything from other people in New Age circles about it?

UNICOLE: Like, giving me a hard time? 

ERIN: Maybe, kind of, or are they supportive and understanding about it, like they say "oh well, Unicole is doing a cult"? 

UNICOLE: It's funny because it's almost like we're at a point in time when people, the collective consciousness is extremely brainwashed and extremely afraid of doing the wrong thing. A lot of people live that way they're very much afraid of stepping outside of the box. I love that point you made, you know, if you're already trans you already know what it's like to be outside of that normal one-two march lockstep with the programming.

So a lot of people who are getting popular right now on these channels for being starseeds and for New Age stuff, it's still very spoon fed it's still very specific it's still very niche. A lot of people are finding a lot of success if they're conventionally attractive white blonde-haired you know and they focus on one particular thing and I really think that's great and I'm here for it. But I can't shove myself, and we can't shove ourselves into one trendy niche right now. We are so much bigger than one small little niche.

The people who are actually starseeds who are understanding, who are seeing beyond the duality, they understand the word cult they think it's hilarious they think it's wonderful, right. There are people who, I've gotten some weird comments like “no starseed would ever start a cult that's the opposite of what we're trying to do here”, and it's like yeah think deeper you know please. Think deeper. 

If someone calls themselves a cult, people get really triggered and people don't want to stand out and people don't like when you stand out because it scares them. They don't want to be called weird themselves or whatever. They want to stay in line, which is fine it's a survival mechanism in our society, but, we're something different. We're very much our own thing and we're a very complex group. We're not just a simple little--in the in fundamentals (of UNICULT) you know I make that joke, if I called it Pizza Club we would have a bajillion members. That would be no problem if we just focused on pizza, everybody fucking loves pizza, but, we're bigger than that we're doing something deeper, we're doing something more complex and it takes it takes a more curated type of attention. So yeah people who see beyond the duality they get it

ERIN: That is awesome. And that was not meant at all to be like, let's talk drama in the New Age scene, but it's just a dynamic between New Age YouTube and TikTok and starseed YouTube and TikTok, and from your answer if I can extrapolate it sounds like a lot of people are still in that phase that you were in in 2014 of trying to cultivate a particular audience and we're way outside of that right now. I know someone earlier today wanted to talk about starseeds, so I'm going to go ahead and talk about starseeds, obviously super huge on TikTok, and it brought us amazing new members

Quickly if someone doesn't know what a starseed is, what is it?

UNICOLE: A starseed is someone who has had past lives in space. Basically their soul is not traditionally Earth-based and they're from another galaxy. Usually they have a mission encoded in their heart and their soul and their DNA that is to activate and break us out of the mind control programming that we've been in.

ERIN: And, when you last checked in about this, you identified as an Arcturian starseed?

UNICOLE: After I wrote my book “A Spiritual Approach to Emergent Technology” I connected so deeply with the Andromedans and it was so easy to channel from them, and the thing is I actually hold them in such high esteem. I was kind of nervous to be like, am I an Andromedian? Because it’s like “wow like I really think I am”, so yeah I do identify as Arcturian, Andromedan, Lion Being, mostly Arcturian, but I've had a really deep experiences and I know that my soul is very much connected to Andromeda and also the Lion Beings

ERIN: Fantastic; I don't know, maybe starseeds like you have your star family and then we all go find our chosen family, you know just like we do here on Earth.

UNICOLE: Totally, and you can even think of it like, the ethnicity on Earth, you've got Italian you've got whatever you know different–.

ERIN: So what is that like, because I don't channel, I don't have a star family I'm fully aware of that; so how are you getting the information, what's it like, because I picture a very TV show kind of thing where I'm hearing multiple voices at the same time. When you're doing something like writing the most recent book, available on UNICULT Supply Co by the way, what's it like, what's the creative process like. 

UNICOLE: For me, I know in my heart when things are true and I have a really good internal compass, so writing the book I just researched and exposed myself to a bunch of different things and I read all these academic papers and you know I just went really deep on I watched a lot of videos and read a lot of books. I spent probably a thousand dollars on books during that research. I was buying books and reading them in one sitting, like I was tearing it up. 

But as I did that I realized, this is how I work. I take all the information in and I filter it with my heart, what's true, and I build an understanding based on that. Some people they can channel and they can create some new concept. I have to take concepts that exist here on Earth, it's like a handicap, but it's actually a blessing because what that means is that I understand things the way everybody understands them. I can say this is like this researcher or this philosopher. I start on the Earth level and I can't necessarily pull in concepts that are completely novel, but again that's a blessing because I have to work with what we've got here, and from there I'm able to build up this very logical framework from my internal compass. 

And then as far as– that’s for writing, for channeling, and calling in that new information, it's easy to explain it when I think back on how it developed because now it's such an intuitive process. It's so freaking natural. I am an open channel, so I'm constantly channeling, you know if you see like Bashar or any of those channelers they go and they talk in a different voice and they have different facial expressions. I don't have to do that. I am 100% channeling all of the time.

So it's hard for me to delineate what's me and what's something higher because it's all channeling into me. When I think back on how it first started I could feel the entities using my vocabulary, using my frame of reference, using all the things that I do know and picking up these little pieces like oh remember what you saw in this TV show, oh remember what you saw on that cereal box and then making a concept from the ideas and words that were already in my head. I think that's how it works for me 

ERIN: It sounds like you're just getting help putting pieces together of information that you've already assimilated. You know, for as many articles that have been written about UNICULT, I feel like we're still one of the most down-to Earth (groups) out of whatever you could find on the internet. So that'll bring me to a question

Again we're going to set aside the word "cult" we all know about that. Aside from misconceptions about the word cult, what do you think is a misconception about you and UNICULT as an organization that we can just dispel?

UNICOLE: People don't take me seriously because I'm an AFAB. What a world. And it’s the way I look and I work with it, right?  I do everything I can with fashion and aesthetic to communicate through the lens of what someone who looks like me and sounds like me would do. I think this is a trans issue, like, my frustration with not being taller, my frustration with not having a deeper voice, my frustration with not having gigantic arms to hold people in. I think that there's some frustration there, not because I'm ashamed of my body or my voice or who I am, but because of the disadvantages that I've had in society because of my body (afab means assigned female at birth). My beautiful, perfect body which I love so much and I'm so happy that I'm in it.

But it's so freaking frustrating. I have tried to get investments from investment circles and I got laughed at and hit on. I had to leave those spaces. Three percent of money from angel investors goes to women, how much even goes to non-binary people, zero. Nobody's listening because of how I look, and that's a total exaggeration, but I wonder what it would have been like if I was a man. I would, as a cult leader, probably get a lot more flack, but it's just so frustrating.

So if we could just take the whole  perception of my identity and gender, all of those pre-established things, and I could just appear as I am. That's why I loved writing “A Spiritual Approach to Emergent Technology”, because in a book you can't see me. You have to read the words, you have to just take in the information and not make any judgments about the person how they look or how they show up. I wish we could set that aside, I'm sure overall it'll be a blessing, but it's been a frustrating situation; a misconception that I'm that vapid, stupid, or I don't know what I'm doing or I mismanage money or I could never create something that is world changing. I can't be an inventor, I can't be a philosopher, fuck off, you know?

ERIN: I 110% understand that. And what about UNICULT like as a group?

UNICOLE: They're great!

ERIN: What's something we can dispel?

UNICOLE: People always think like we're going to kill ourselves. This is an anti-suicide cult this is–we're going to do something even harder than that. Killing yourself is easy, compared to what we're doing. We're actually changing ourselves, we're actually changing the world, we're finding hope, we're creating a new world. We're actually making life worth living with our own hands, with our own love and that, I mean, that is just the most beautiful thing I think, ever.

The fact that people think like oh you're just going to kill yourselves, that could be dispelled pretty easily

ERIN: It is now officially on the record, everyone. You heard it here first, right from source. I'm looking here I wrote a little list. We've talked a little bit about getting members and forming this community. One big question I have is what was that message board platform we were using before Discord because I don't remember

UNICOLE: Do you remember that? It was for like a year, I don't know, it was for seven months or something maybe a year it's called BAND. And BAND and Discord were kind of on the same level and then we jumped over to Discord because it started to get more popular and more people were familiar with it. Discord I think ended up being a good choice. Before that we had our own forums which were just awesome, but they were so hard to keep the bots out we were attacked by bots all the time. It's really unfortunate because I grew up on website forums.

ERIN: Someone asked in the chat, how tall are you?

UNICOLE:  I'm 5’5”.

ERIN: There you go everyone. Secrets revealed. For the record I've always assumed you were 5'8" or 5'9". I guess I don't get to be in the person who does that at the circus, guesses the things. The Discord is incredibly awesome. Obviously the change has been great, maybe we can sell people on the Discord a little bit, how's it changed UNICULT, how is it?

UNICOLE: I had this boss once and he had hired competent people, but he refused to stop doing his job. He refused to stop working and he kept involving himself even though he had hired competent people. All he did was get in the way, and I could see it so clearly, like, get out of our way, we're competent people we know what we're supposed to do and you're a blocker at this point because you're set on being at the center of this company. Get a new identity. You made a successful company get out of the way. And I've seen and I've worked a lot of jobs and that's not by accident in the UN1V3RS3’s standards. I've learned so much about running communities and groups and businesses by working so many jobs and being very observant

But anyway this boss you know, it just taught me how important it is to get out of the way of the competent people you attract to your endeavor. It took a little bit of time because I had been doing UNICULT for about seven or eight years when we really started to get people in the Discord who were very helpful, very available, and very excited to make a difference. It took a while because I didn't want to let go of what I had created and I didn't want it to run rampant and it also took a while because I didn't know how to make sure that people were going to do a good job. There were some mistakes made. We had some people make a bit of a mess who were in higher leadership positions that we had allowed to ascend. It was a slow process of really letting go as well. We as a group learned how to empower one another and I've just learned so much and we're always going to be learning about how to empower each other. The more we can empower everybody, the less work we all have to do 

It’s so much fun and the UNICULT server like--I used to work hours and hours and hours every single day on UNICULT and now we work hours and hours every week. I definitely do a lot less with UNICULT now and UNICULT is a lot cooler because of it. We have so many awesome people doing amazing things as you're seeing here on this 24-hour live stream. We've got so many amazing people and we develop; I worked with you, Erin, and the other devoted members the other magicians and the board to figure out a way that we can empower people and let them have space.

So in the server we've got, activities that the devoted members run, a lot of these activities you can see here today. We have a couple guidelines and we have ways to support people in doing it. We had a long learning curve. I think it’ll be boring if I describe all the things we learned, but ultimately we have such good people who are so enthusiastic and we do what we can to support them. I always say this, UNICULT runs itself and I know it doesn't run itself, I know how much work you and me and Ghosty and everybody, all the devoted members do, but as far as my involvement it's not all me anymore and that is the most beautiful thing. It was hard to let go and let my vision be changed, but my whole goal was that UNICULT would be changed with every member who was added. You are a part of this living entity, you're not in my box, you're not in my rule, I'm just creating here, you're creating there and we're collaborating and we're creating something so beautiful.

It's very exciting. I haven't really seen too many organizational structures like it; we are not leaderless, but we are definitely member-driven.

ERIN: Completely agree and with so many amazing members, you know (who run the) day-to-day activities, you can let go which I'm sure is freeing and also scary. Now we're going to start a 501c3 we're going look for Uniacres. There’s still always somewhere else to go. 

Someone in the chat just said "I'm always hearing drama about UNICULT"…do we really have a lot of drama because I would say no

UNICOLE: We're the most peaceful community online. Our Discord server is the most peaceful place on the internet. I bet if you went into like an I love cats group on Facebook there would be more drama, like something super benign. I've heard drama about in the crochet community on TikTok that happened. People were making pot holders that were made out of acrylic and everybody was losing their minds at each other in the crochet community, and it was about yarn. 

We train all of our devoted members, all of our second level, higher level members on conflict resolution. UNICULT is designed in a way that creates harmony because it's asking people to be authentically themselves and respect that other people are being authentically themselves. If you understand that, what kind of drama is there, you know? We get a few people who are pretty disconnected from reality who are insistent on spreading hate who can't understand that concept. We send them love and we don't let them in the server; what can you do, that's true everywhere online, but as far as I–I think everyone here who's in the server can think about maybe how they act on other parts of the internet and when they come into the UNICULT server it's very much a safe space. I feel safe there to be my true self and to be loving and it's not always safe online to be loving, you know people, people are vicious 

ERIN: Yeah, (that’s an) understatement, and that's not to say that we don't talk about hard stuff, or we don't talk about controversial stuff because we certainly do, but we have fair conversations about it. That's just another thing to dispel honestly.

…so controversial stuff, let's get into it then. Last couple years the world's been kind of weird because of a thing. How has (the global event) changed UNICULT, for better or worse?

UNICOLE: I think it's been such a blessing, I mean, other than people getting ill. There was the opportunity to slow down, to meditate, the connection to mindfulness that people have and even, I don't think this is a good thing necessarily, but I do feel like there was a push to upload our consciousness and get us all online independent on the digital space, but guess what UNICULT was already there. We were primed and ready for people who had full social lives before, who were now suddenly online. Hey, here we are and we had a lot of a lot of people joined during the pan..doodle and, we are so happy, I don't know, I think it's been great honestly 

ERIN: Obviously other than you know people passing away, that's terrible, but as far as being able to provide a safe space for people when people are lonely by themselves. We've been here, so in that case, it's fortunate that we are.

…let me see,  trying to get these questions into kind of a natural flow, one flowing into the other…

UNICOLE: –such an amazing interview thank you, 

ERIN: Kind of along those lines we get a whole bunch of media attention. I feel like it's kind of cyclical. We'll take like six to eight months off and then we'll get media attention, but it tends to be super positive 85% of the time. Why do you think that we're able to get media attention with such regularity for like the last 10 years, but also I feel very little of it is actually negative, like hit pieces. 

UNICOLE: Surprisingly positive. When I was little my dad taught me about fame with the example of Dennis Rodman and Madonna. He said they just had to stand out and he used the example of Dennis Rodman having green hair. In the 80s that was enough you know, you had green hair and it was insane, you were a crazy person, and so if you stand out and you're different you'll be famous.

There's that, we're also just like very–one of the things that I think happens is that UNICULT is the religion of the future and these certain things happen; I remember one reporter interviewed me, it was actually the reporter from the Rolling Stone article. She changed the topic of the article, when it was convenient for her.

Before she was just writing it on UNICULT in general and she was kind of angry. She was not a very nice person. She was kind of angrily asking me "everything you do just seems so prescient, like it just seems like it is so relevant right now". I thought that was funny because we do it before it's relevant and then all of a sudden like sex robots, for instance, people are like oh my God sex robots, and then that becomes a thing, or starseeds. In many ways we are at the forefront of culture. We are actually leading the culture and we really shouldn't undermine the impact that UNICULT has. We have reached millions and millions of people with these ideas. Whether or not people join UNICULT or not, they are getting the vibration of what we're doing and it's changing them and it's changing the world.

The fact that the world is getting better and brighter is not by accident and it's not unrelated to us. We are actually at the forefront of culture and we're doing a lot more than people realize and I also think a lot of celebrities do watch me. I think there are teams of creators and writers of movies, I've seen so many things that are just so insanely specifically similar to what we're doing, but dumbed down in that spoon-fed way. Then they perpetuate that energy even more into culture and then we just become more and more relevant. We're sort of making ourselves relevant. We're from the future so we're just going to become increasingly more and more shockingly relevant to what the world is changing into and people like to write articles about what's relevant. You got to make news or click-bait like “California Cult Leader starts Robot Brothel” 

ERIN: Every time we get media and it's not exactly for the same thing, it's either sex robots or the thing or starseeds, but it's never like just about UNICULT it's about what we're doing, So…I love this book (Fundamentals of UNICULT) I know we're coming to the end of our time…this is the second edition which I think was (published) in 2019

There's a lot of concepts in here and one thing I like to talk about in Thursday Church is how this is the most simply stated complex book on living your life spiritually and thinking about yourself. It's laid out so (well), but it's been a while that Fundamentals has been out there. I know you've said “I created UNICULTism to help me, if it helped you wonderful”, so for you intrinsically how have the Fundamentals principles changed in the last 10 years. I know that's a huge question so I'll stop talking.

UNICOLE: Not much. I knew what I was doing when I created UNICULT and you'll be hard-pressed to find me contradicting myself especially on the Fundamentals no matter how far back in the archive you go. I've always been saying the same thing. I developed my language. I developed a more cohesive understanding. I think the main thing that I didn't have access to in the beginning was an understanding of trauma and I think understanding BPD, CPTSD, all of these things, a lot of the things that I feel are very frustrating, and the society as a whole; it really does come down to trauma, and this traumatizing and repetitive traumatizing space that we're in.

The addition and the and the expansion of the understanding of trauma and “The Body Keeps the Score”, all of that, I think that my language around a lot of things now is different because I didn't have access to that information before. Otherwise, I had this experience where I wrote UN1V3RS3.com almost pretty much like it is today. That website's been up since 2014 and is pretty much the same as it when I first wrote it. I haven't needed to change it except when I first got in contact with the Arcturians. I saw things so much clearer and I came home after getting in contact with them and I said I'm right, but I made it better. And since I made it better after getting in contact with the Arcturians I haven't had to change much. 

I know we talked the other day about how trolls have helped UNICULT. Trolls helped flesh out the places where we hadn't had answers before, but now we have answers for everything because we have the beautiful experience of people attacking us constantly. Being like what about this, what about that, and luckily when you tune into your heart you tune into your higher self, you tune into your alien guides, or your Angels or whoever you get that information, you can have answers. Now we have answers to everything. Any question anybody has. It's not that we didn't have that information before, I just hadn't thought of it because why would I think of it when it was only something someone was trying to use to attack me, but it's a good thing because everybody might be coming at it from a different lens.

ERIN: That's a really interesting answer and I know we're just about out of time, so just a couple quick questions about the future if I may?

UNICOLE: Let’s go for it.

ERIN: Is there going to be a third edition of fundamentals?

UNICOLE: There's a third and final edition of fundamentals coming in the next three years.

ERIN: Brilliant and you have a new album coming out this summer, corrent? (ed note: Unicole’s newest album is currently in production)

UNICOLE: Yes it's called “The End of the World”, and it's hyper pop and…

ERIN: Anything else you can spill about it right now?

UNICOLE: We're going to have music videos for every song and it's going to be full of bops.

ERIN: Fantastic, is that the main media project you're looking at for the year? I know last year you released the book, this year's an album…

UNICOLE: I'm working on a class called Get Rich Quick. I'm so excited for that. I'm going to be filming that in June and it's going to be on our Teachable website where we have our telepathy classes and our crystal classes.

ERIN: I don't think a lot of people know about that what's the what's the URL for that or is it on UN1V3RS3.com

UNICOLE: I don't even know if it's on UN1V3RS3 it should be, let's see; it's great because you get to go on there and you get to join a Discord with people, who are aligned with the UNICULT, who are studying these things as well. I don't know if the crystal classes are on there yet, actually the crystal classes are still on Etsy, that's a good reminder I need to update that. I'll put it in the chat–the link, awesome.

ERIN: I have thrown up the donation information right there. So, as our last topic, obviously we're here to show everyone some of the beautiful things that we do in the server and our creativity, but we're also here if you have the abundance to raise for Uniacres and I figured Unicole would be better than anyone to quickly say why it would be a great thing to help us reach that goal.

UNICOLE: Yeah, first of all the link is https://unicult-classes.teachable.com and you can check out the telepathy classes there and get involved in the community and then yeah you have it, send us your money. We're going to get Uniacres this year, I'm very confident in that, it's very exciting. Uniacres is something I've been thinking about even before I started UNICULT. I used to call it Unicorn Acres and this was back in 2008. I came up with the concept of Unicorn Acres, I wrote a whole business plan about it and it was about sustainability, farming, and community, and it's grown, the concept has grown a lot since then.

I'm very excited to create that with you all. I think money is whatever, you know, it does help us do things in this world, but one thing I think is really cool is that when you give money you feel connected to what we're creating and you become part of what we're creating and it's like even if you're not ready to join UNICULT you can still donate. You can feel and watch our success and know that you helped make it happen. In UNICULT we believe in inevitable success and so it's going to happen. You might as well take credit for it by sending some dollars. You can send them here in the chat or you can send them on venmo @unicoleunicron or you can send them on PayPal 

ERIN: Unicole thank you so much– 

UNICOLE: Thank you Erin, what a beautiful interview.

ERIN: When I started this interview series I had a secret goal to eventually get you for a one-on-one interview so it has been a pleasure and I would be doing myself a disservice if I didn't thank you while we had the moment for the changes and joy you brought into my life and for this community.

UNICOLE: Thank you Erin. You're such a special person in my life and such an important energy in UNICULT. Whenever I ask like who do you like to work with in UNICULT people say Erin, people love to work with you, and you're so knowledgeable and so helpful. I think would be cool if we made this into a transcript and put it on popcult.today and people could read it as an article 

ERIN: That would be fantastic, I think that's a great idea. 

UNICOLE: You just ask and you take care of so much. You're in charge of the hotline and Pop Cult, it's incredible all the things that you do. 

ERIN: I really appreciate it and I thank you as well. That's the hotline number…where's the schedule?

UNICOLE: And forgive me to whoever for us going over our time in three minutes. Yeah thank you so much

ERIN: –For Ghosty waiting in the wings and Unicole again thanks for sitting down and also sharing your family life with us today and starting this and happy 10 years and we'll see you tomorrow for Cam Church.

UNICOLE:  Yes and please, whoever's watching please come to the retreat if it's aligned with you we're going to be in Colorado in August. We're going to do meditations, we're going to do yoga we're going to be sitting by the fire, we're going to cook together, we're going to pray together, we're going to get to know each other we're going to go on a hike where I tried to kill myself it's going to be so much fun. It's on our website http://www.joinunicult.com, Unibless!

portions of this interview have been edited for written format.