The Role of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine

Status of woman with a shield and spear

The energies of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine have nothing to do with gender or gender identity.  In fact, every human has a combination of both inside of themselves.  The Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine are simply energies.  You need to create a delicate balance of both to thrive in this world.  

The Divine Masculine refers to direct energy.  It is like a straight line and projects outward.  It is the energy of giving and action.   Divine Masuline energy personifies logic, emotional strength, a goal driven work ethic and determination,  When this energy is properly aligned, it unites the world with love and personal authority. Everyone has a seat at the table and can help change the world for the better.  The Divine Masculine takes care of others.  We often see him described as the Sun or the sky.  Though when not properly aligned, this energy can manifest in the form of fear and authoritarian control.

The Divine Feminine is the energy of Beingness.  The energy is like a cycle or a circle.  The Divine Feminine is the energy of receiving.  She is peaceful and loving and finds personal liberation from the inside.  The Divine Feminine personifies divine love, creativity, intuition, emotionality, and faith.  She is a relaxed energy who knows that the universe is constantly guiding her on the correct path.  We often see her described as the Earth  (“Mother Earth”).  The Divine Feminine is the ultimate energy of manifestation.  

Our current society is based on an unaligned version of Divine Masculine energy.  This can manifest the form of war, corruption, dismissing emotions as weak and stepping on others to get to the stop.  This has often been referred to in pop culture as “toxic masculinity”  If the entire world was to balance their own Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies, that would involve everyone healing their trauma (especially trauma around emotions and creativity), practicing peaceful conflict resolution, and strengthening your intuitive and telepathic abilities.  This would also involve healing the masculine energies inside of you by learning to take responsibility for your own actions and connecting with your inner father.  Inner child work may also be extremely helpful with this.  

In the end, our world is dealing with a lack of Divine Feminine and a wounded version of the Divine Masculine.  More often do we need to embrace the Divine Feminine in order to heal our inner worlds and creative selves.  We must also heal our Divine Masculine energy by using our strength, logic, and determination to spread JOY instead of using it to spread fear, hatred, and violence.