Protecting your Joy from Negative Vibes

a candle burning in front of a spiritual candle and two bottles, within an alter space

I had an interesting experience with a blessed and beloved friend of mine; it made me think about a specific type of being I have met in this life, that I am sure many of us have encountered.

We were tripping together and would intentionally visit realms that would trigger memories of trauma. The insight, emotion, and outpouring they'd cause would lead to great healing. This is one way that we engage in shadow work, coming out on the other side like the earth after an intense storm. Fresh and clean. 

During this experience I was trying to put a name to a specific type of being I have encountered on Earth; those who walk our planet trying to cause as much suffering as possible, in the way star seeds or light workers try to raise vibrations, but with the opposite intentions. 

I said, "Those who see any helpless thing, an animal, a child, immediately want to destroy it" 

My friend said, "They see radiance, and want to grab it and squeeze it and take it and it is not theirs and they cannot have it." 

"Radiance" is a term I picked up from the Black Veil Vampyres, called "The Beacon" by others. It is, in this context, the ethereal and superlunary energy signature that comes off of Us. It is what we see in each other that makes us recognize each other and resonate with and gravitate towards each other. 

This psychic art of recognizing radiance however is not something that only We can do to find each other. I believe that these beings can see it too, and are just as attracted towards it. However, it is because they have not yet reached a state of Radiance, and feel an overwhelming animosity and hostility towards those who have. I'd like to talk about identifying these beings and their methods, and how to protect yourself from them. If you have dealt with one of them, you will know they are rather relentless in their attacks. 

Firstly, they do not operate in truth much at all. Lying seems to be an ability that all of them are very adept at. They are angry at the Radiance they sense and want to drag the Radiant person down to their lower vibrational level, the only way to do this is by lying and painting a false picture of the person in question. It seems natural to counter this attack with Truth, but that is not always successful. Generally they are fully aware that they are lying, either blatantly or through roundabout ways like taking things out of context, telling the truth doesn’t help because they already know what they’re saying is untrue. The only thing a Radiant being can really do is ignore it. The person they are making up does not exist, it is not you, and thus has very little to do with you.

Secondly, ignoring them outright does not make them stop. The old saying is that ignoring “trolling” makes them get bored and leave, but this is not always true. In my experience it only makes them work harder. However, they are truly stricken by your Radiance, it is the only reason they are lingering around, and so what you can do is continue to shine. Giving them none of your precious attention, and shining brighter than ever, embracing yourself as a Radiant being, living your life and fulfilling what brings you joy upsets them because they cannot experience it themselves. My theory however is that eventually their jealousy will lead to them trying to emulate you, which will lead to them finally healing and beginning a path towards achieving Radiance in this life.

Thirdly, at least in my specific case, they often want to see the Radiant being die and cease giving off light for good. Either by beating them down spiritually enough, or by pushing the being to suicide. Because of this they may intentionally trigger you or try their best to get you to self harm. This is illegal and you can take action, it is very important to protect yourself. I strongly suggest doing things like binding and domination works to keep this person away from you, to make them unable to see you or use their hands to negatively affect and harm your life. I do not consider this to be a negative use of magick, as for example if someone were trying to break into your home to harm you, you have every right to physically prevent them from getting close to you, locking and barricading the door etc.

It is very important to include a person like this in your prayers, if there is one targeting your life. To be at that level of evil requires intense healing and even if it’s hard, you must pray for them. 

Embrace and feel comfortable in your own Radiance. You will always attract more people like You than you feel people who want to try to snuff out your light.