Mullein: Nature's Smokable Medicine

woman wearing a hood and smoking

Mullein is the destroyer of croup and defender of the lung!

mullien flowers

Have you ever seen this plant? This is called Mullein. Mullein grows in Europe,
northern Africa, Asia, the Americas and Australia. If you look up gardening tips for this
beauty, the first thing you may find is how to kill it. This is because mullein is mostly
known in north America to be an invasive plant and dare I say it... a weed! Its roots
grow deep and strong in disturbed soil, and at the base of mountains. However, this
plant is lovely for lung health.

Mullein has many associated actions, but its most famous for treating respiratory
conditions. It can help clear out the lungs and soothe asthma. This plant is so smart as
a medicine that while you are taking it, it actually halts your cough until your
inflammation has passed. Only then will it act as an expectorant. This is a good time to
think about lung health regardless of how you feel about Covid 19. A lot of viruses
attack the lungs.

The first year, mullein grows close to the ground in a little floret pattern. Although,
it can get quite large in circumference. The second year, it shoots up and grows a tall
stock with yellow flowers. Both the young leaves and the flowers are used medicinally.
Its also very soft. (Sometimes I would just pick a leaf and put it on my face.) You can
use mullein in a tea, as tincture, and you can even smoke it! Yes, you will still get the
benefits by smoking this plant, although I do not recommend it unless you are already a



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