Maybe It's All Hoax but I'm Staying Inside Anyway

woman wears a mask

Our reality is melting down. The year is 2020, so of course it is. We, as humanity, are being given the opportunity to let go of the old ways of corruption and step into a Unitopian paradise where everyone is cared for. Unfortunately, because of our own fear and division, that’s far from within sight.

Is COVID19 actually killing people? Are hospitals empty? Are they pretending like they don’t have a cure just to make money off an eventual micro-chip vaccine? Are all the people who die being marked COVID deaths? No one knows. Truly, there is so much opposing information that our trauma brains can’t even make sense of it.

I can confidently say that every single person is attempting to use this moment to further their own agenda. And that looks like chaos. We are all going to take away different things from this mess. Starting from this premise of a global power grab - here’s my opinion. Maybe it’ll help.

COVID19 is likely a real disease, sensationalized by global powers as a form of a new cold war. Every country is navigating it and being played against one another. There are alliances and enemies. There are double fakes. The disease is dangerous, perhaps a bioweapon, but likely not nearly as dangerous as it is made out to be. 

Anything that is entrenched in greed is immediately suspect. Many cures for disease and viral infections exist. It’s about the immune strength, not about any particular drug. Our medical industrial complex has worked hard to conceptually remove the cure from the actual aspect of true healing so that they can make a profit by selling pills and vaccines. Yes, medical doctors help people, and they’re in a decent position to do so. But considering the greed of the medical industrial complex it’s a wonder they ever do. Medical practice is so far removed from actual health that it’s a wonder they save any lives at all. Real cures are diminished because they offer no profit while whatever can be patented is touted as the only option. 

5G is getting turned up rapidly in many cities. Our staying home is giving them the opportunity to do this. 5G and other radiation technologies like 4G and WiFi are horrifically misaligned with our own bioelectric health. Cancer, fertility decline, cognitive impairment, and headaches are all attributed to this electro-smog. Are these technologies purposefully on frequencies which disrupt our health? Probably, since they’re all developed by the military. Can 5G, especially when paired with WiFi impede people’s ability to breathe and get oxygen to the blood? Yes. Is this the cause for COVID19. Probably not. But 5G can be directed as a weapon and I believe it is part of a larger plot to upload us.

We are working with the premise of a chaotic power-grab. Information is power. Surveillance capitalism works with the government to predict behavior - both to sell us items as well as to categorize us into groups of varying degrees of threat. The goal is control. There are too many variables in physical reality to control them all. A group of friends in a park will generate massive high vibes that elicit freedom. Nature itself allows individuals to tap into their own psychic gifts. It’s hard to get a rein on the infinite variables that an individual is exposed to in the real world. 

The internet, on the other hand, is a fully controllable matrix of observation and manipulation. Every conversation is recorded with full facial recognition. Every person’s feed can be algorithmically customized to disempower them and keep them in fear - thus keeping them controllable. 

Division is a primary tool of control. By empowering the disgruntled to organize protests about freedom, unleashing bots, and saturating the main-stream media with infinite slogans and stories of shaming the radicals for being less intelligent, we have a righteous shit-storm of division. 

This is a mis-direction. If you’re fighting online that masks are a sign of being a sheep, you’re missing the bigger picture, that you’re being complicit by playing into US vs THEM narratives. If you’re shaming people for not wearing masks, you’re missing the bigger picture that we’re all being manipulated out of unifying. 

The current “revolution” of going back to work is a misdirection. When citizens can’t support themselves, it is the role of the government to support them. The billionaires and the corporations are being supported by the government, so why are you left out of that? The revolution should be directed at making sure EVERYONE’S NEEDS are met. Not just giving you the “Freedom” to “Work.” We deserve so much more than we realize.

Make your own decisions with staying home. Make your own decisions with masks. But we have got to allow one another to make our own decisions too. Maybe people who aren’t wearing masks have a higher risk of spreading infection. People who aren’t quarantining have the potential to literally kill their friends and family members. Maybe that’s true, maybe it’s not. It’s not like they haven’t been warned. They’ll have to live with that guilt for the rest of their lives if it proves to be true. And if it doesn’t, then so what. It’s their decision and they have to live with the consequences. 

Maybe by staying home I'm missing some larger nefarious plot. How can I possibly know? I trust that this moment is chaos for everyone and I trust that evil destroys itself. I stay aware and informed but not at the detriment of my own well-being. I refuse to compromise myself with paranoia and fear, and instead live in a state of trust that the Truth will prevail.

The only thing that is important about any of this is to practice your own discernment and increase your own LOVE. We absolutely MUST unify in this time through acceptance and love for each person’s unique reality. There is space for each person to live however they want to live. There is space for each person to make their own decisions. Their life is up to them, not you. In this expansive understanding, we will begin to enter into Unitopia. 

Those who are concerned about their own safety are staying home. Maybe you’re an essential worker. You feel like you have to go to work otherwise you can’t pay your bills. You’ve spent your whole life being brainwashed by concepts of lack in a system that literally doesn’t care about you. I get it. But eventually we have to stop and we have to say ENOUGH. The rich people, the poor people, we all have to say, STOP this madness. I refuse to interact in a system that doesn’t respect my LIFE ENERGY. It’s bigger than this one virus, but the virus is giving us the opportunity to opt out of the corrupt system.

Earlier I said that this entire pandemic is a power grab and that every single person is using it for the advancement of their own agenda. I am no different. My agenda is UNITOPIA. Unitopia is a society that cares for every single member. Unitopia is a society where everyone’s basic needs are met, and where every individual is respected for their unique LIFE ENERGY. 

So I stay home. I see that I’m being fed bullshit by my internet feed so I turn it off. I go outside and I talk to nature. I stand with rent strikers. I refuse to work anywhere that I would have to physically show up (a privileged take, for sure). I’m not seeing my friends or family because even the smallest potential of hurting them is too high for me, even if they’re willing to risk it. I wear a mask because there’s a chance it protects other people and also because it reflects the moment. My mask is battle gear, validating the chaos that surrounds me. I don’t think of a mask as a “muzzle” - it prevents nothing - except maybe facial recognition for a few months, an advantage to be sure.

My choice to not leave my house puts pressure on my landlord. It puts pressure on the bank. It puts pressure on the economy. It puts pressure on the government to make sure I have enough so that I don’t revolt. 

I spend my time doing what really matters in this war. I proclaim, both energetically and publicly, that I want nothing to do with this current form of fear-based “leadership.” I trust that evil destroys itself. I’m preparing to move out of the city if it’s necessary. I am aligning myself with whatever reality is highest. I proclaim that I am ready for a higher vibrational reality. 

I meditate and communicate with higher intelligences. I practice my psychic gifts. I do my own shadow work and find LOVE for every person who triggers me. I exercise and am becoming very strong. I connect with like-minded people. 

I recognize fear loops. I turn off my devices. I spend time with nature. I talk to the birds, the bugs, the animals. I look at the sky. I feel what it feels like to be a human in the New Age.