Making the Most of the New Moon

A person standing before a sunrise, there are stars high in the sky

The next new moon is October 6th.

For spiritual and magic minded individuals, we often hear a lot about the mystical powers of the full moon.  But what about the full moon’s darker and less talked about sister known as the new moon?  

The new moon is one of the phases of the moon when the sun and the moon conjunct meaning they meet at the same degree.  The sun is behind the moon making it temporarily invisible to us from earth.  The new moon marks the beginning of a new lunar cycle which means it can also be a marker for new changes in your life!   People often unconsciously start new projects or habits during these periods because we as humans naturally align with this energy.  Imagine what amazing things you can create if you take full advantage of this energy.

Here is a list of five things you can do during the next new moon to create amazing changes in your life.

  1. Set a new intention

Think of something you really, truly desire.  The new moon is the perfect time to set an intention to achieve or acquire this big thing you have been dreaming about.  Simply meditate on this intention during the period of the new moon and then release it into the universe with full faith that what you desire is now yours.

  1. Cleanse your space

The new moon is the perfect time to start fresh.  By clearing and cleansing your space (both physically and energetically) you are raising the vibration of yourself and your space.  You are telling the universe that you want to start the new lunar cycle with a blank slate.  Get rid of any items you no longer have use for and burn herbs such as lavender or rosemary.  Other techniques such as diffusing essential oils or sound healing with singing bowls can work wonders as well!

  1. Cleanse and charge your crystals

You often hear about charging crystals under the full moon due to its amplified energy but did you know the same thing is true about the new moon?  When you leave your crystals out under the new moon overnight, you will awaken to crystals that have been cleansed of all negative energy and charged by the new moon’s powerful positive vibration.

  1. Journaling 

Since the new moon’s energy is all about new beginnings, it is a powerful time to journal.  When writing out new goals and ideas during this time, the new moon’s energy can help boost manifestation.  This is also a great time to do channeled  writings.  New downloads seem to appear with much ease during the period of the new moon. 

  1. Meditation and self reflection

With new beginnings often comes endings.  Before you are able to start on the journey of what this new lunar cycle has in store for you, you may find it helpful to meditate and reflect on everything that has happened in the last month.  What are you grateful for?  What do you wish you could change?  This is a great time to find the closure you need to progress.

Remember to enjoy this powerful time. 

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