You Create Your Reality

a person's arm outstretched holding the earth in their palm, a scene of water and mountains in the background

The concept of creating your own reality is not new to most spiritually focused people. The idea of creating your own reality revolves around the concept that your thoughts, above all else, influence your reality - therefore, through changing your thought patterns and eventually your habits, you can live in your ideal reality.

This is an amazing concept, however i have found that it occasionally leads me to believe that if i am experiencing any suffering in this reality i have created, it is entirely my fault. You may have also felt this before.

But is that thought true?

Well, Yes and No.

You have the incredible and fascinating power to create your own reality, its true. But YOUR reality, even as sacred as it is, is not the only reality.

In the teachings of the UNICULT (see more information on UNICULT here) there is an interesting fundamental that i believe to be true, and have seen proven within my own life and the lives of others. The concept is in regard to realities, and UNICULT teaches that there are many different levels of reality:

  • shared or social reality ( the reality created by the beliefs of many people. eg. the value of money)

  • personal reality (your personal perception and understanding of the world, including your faith and spirituality)

  • physical reality (physical “things” like cars, our bodies, your phone…etc) 

  • ultimate reality ( the reality that is all of the above combined. )

It [ultimate reality] is our idea of Heaven. It is the place where every misunderstanding is understood and every bit of knowledge known.

from The Fundamentals of Unicult

I will cover this concept in more depth in another post, but for now let’s stay on the topic of creating your own reality.

As you can see, you can influence and form your own personal reality, but not necessarily directly affect the other levels of reality. Not to say that your personal beliefs and perception of the world doesn’t have a ripple effect and somehow influence these things; what I am saying is that you can’t simply believe that you are constantly free from harm and then cross a busy intersection and be surprised when you are hit by a car. That’s not quite how this reality works right now.

So, with that in mind, not all of your suffering is your fault. You cannot help it if you are broken up with and then feel terrible for some time. You cannot help it if you fall ill unexpectedly and have to postpone something and are upset about it. You cannot help it if someone passes.

In all of these situations, it’s natural to think:

“Hey, I create this reality, don’t I? Then why is this happening? It must be my fault!”


“I should be happy… even if xyz happened….I am not allowed to be upset in this reality! That would ruin it!.”

However, thoughts aren’t incredibly helpful, because you don’t have control over EVERYTHING, so if something out of your control happens, you are allowed to FEEL and PROCESS that event and your reaction to it, as opposed to feeling the need to blame yourself.

That was a lot to take in, right? 

But in conclusion, yes you create your own reality. But there are things outside of your reality that can impact you, and you don’t need to feel bad for being affected by what is outside of your control.

You are on Planet Earth, and at the end of the day, you are doing your very best to get by amongst the chaos. And that alone is something to be proud of.

Sending lots of love!


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