Why You Hate Your Job and How to Fix It

work sucks

When we are born everything is done for us. We are fed, clothed, and looked after in every way imaginable and we don’t even have to think about the concept of money or working.

For several years we learn play and fun and casual observation.

In early stages of life we begin to move through schooling systems which gradually teach us the concept of routine, being somewhere on time, finding responsibility and being rewarded for our actions in life.

As the years go by the studies become progressively more difficult, the hours longer, and it seems that we are gradually prepared to go out into the world of work. This happens before we are even able to question it.

From as young as three or four we are already being introduced to concepts of “play money” and “exchanges” and “buying and selling” and being asked questions like “what would you like to be when you grow up?”

All of the torments of the educational system serve one ultimate purpose, which is to get a higher education which will ultimately lead to a well-paying career so that we can thrive in life and become what we have been told is “successful."

Mostly, we are expected to choose and stick to one career that interests us but everybody knows that we change our minds many times as we grow up.  We become very different as we learn more information and therefore even in high school many students are still extremely uncertain of what they even want to “do with their lives."

It is this constant pressure put upon us by teachers, parents, and peers which can cause huge levels of anxiety, depression and even suicidal tendencies in students who cannot see any way out. All that they can see when they look to their elders are people struggling with electricity bills, car expenses, house bills, phone and internet bills and everything else under the sun.

Kids see people rushing to and from jobs that they don’t want to be doing, and arriving home tired and exhausted - complaining and stressed from the excess amount of hours spent wasted away from their families and what they would rather be doing. The whole experience seems bleak and useless to all onlookers. 

In this state of total confusion one becomes disorientated and has very few options remaining: either give in to the system like all of their peers, or become homeless.

Meanwhile our minds are saturated by celebrities who live exuberant and seemingly unreachable lifestyles with rich cars and constant image changes, clothing styles, hair styles, glamour and products. The demand for all that we wish for and need in our lives goes up so high. To obtain those things we see the need for money so we work harder and harder (while Britney Spears sings “Work Bitch!”) and by the "weak-end" we find ourselves deprived of all energy. We then drink alcohol like we have seen on so many commercial music videos and we spend our weekends in a daze. This is all in an attempt to forget our horrible lives until we awake on Monday morning to drink coffee and return to the routine.

The life we envisioned for ourselves is always just one step around the corner. Eventually we give up on the large dreams we once worked hard through college to obtain - only to discover that all we were left with is a greater debt to pay off and less opportunity than we expected to receive.

This cycle is a form of deep programming/brainwashing and abuse. We are literally being severely abused so that we do not even know what to do with our lives or what our true hearts want anymore. We are content to live the life that has been laid out before us because everything else seems futile and everyone around us has absolved themselves to the same fate.

It is as John Lennon wrote in Working Class Hero: When they’ve tortured and scared you for twenty-odd years, then they expect you to pick a career, when you can’t really function you’re so full of fear.

In this state of terror and confusion and necessity we work we are trapped by our debts, our loans, and our responsibilities so that we feel that working is the only and right thing to do. Property expenses are high, our children are born, and before we know it we are a mechanical machine working to exhaustion in total misery without any hope of escape from this drudgery.

We hate the jobs we have acquired because they weren’t what we ultimately wanted to do in the first place and we conformed to what was easiest. Everyone recommending this lifestyle does so because they aren't content with their own jobs or lives. They hope to offer some form of “wisdom” and live vicariously through everyone who is now in the same terrible situation. 

You work for necessity and not for passion. You work for someone else, you do what they tell you, and they control your hours and your levels of responsibilities. You can only grow within the company to benefit that company but not yourself.

You look around and see some people starting businesses, winning lottery, and you live each week dreaming that someday perhaps you might win your way out of this. It is a huge trap and lie and we each need to honestly question ourselves whether we would truly be doing what we are doing if we already had all the money in the world? If the answer is no then the question is why are we doing something that we don’t want to be doing? And the answer is money or necessity.

So where does this necessity arise from?

An old system of money, of corruption, of manipulation.

The system only exists because of COMMON BELIEF.

When millions of people are brainwashed from near-birth to believe a certain thing has to be a certain way they will go crazy at the possibility of it being otherwise. They will lose their minds because it cannot even be comprehended. It is all they have known and it is the only way in which they know how to think about the situation.

Some raise the possibility of “barter systems” but this just seems a wishy-washy and impossible system to maintain.

Few however think of the fact that if literally EVERYBODY is unhappy with the way things currently are that they do not have to remain that way. They remain that way because people have succumbed to the false belief that there is no alternative. And that is because each person fails to recognize their own power to make a difference.

How ridiculous that an entire job can be made up of people who all complain together at that job of having to turn up at a certain time, and having to be there for 5 days a week and having to not have enough pay and so forth (even at times including the boss) - and yet not any of these people wish to discuss a solution to solve this problem that afflicts EVERYONE.

Instead like robots they all turn up to the same job miserably every day and complain about the same things as though there were no other alternative. It is like the elephant tied to the small stick which it couldn’t get away from when small/young and consequently believes itself to still be trapped when it is large enough to easily break away from it.

This is what we are all doing. We are going back and forth to these jobs because some invisible force has compelled us to do so through many years of brainwashing.

All we see is that if we don’t show up we are punished, we suffer, and we need to find another source of income so it is easier to abide by the rules. BUT if everybody is abiding by rules that they don’t agree with or don’t like - and we are all working more hours than we are comfortable with - and none of us are being paid what we would like to be paid - and none of us are even doing what we would like to be doing - then why can’t we all work together on building a superior solution to the problem where we can all mutually benefit one another in true happiness?

We need an entirely new system and an entirely new structure - this old world has had its day and we all need to stand up together and declare what it is that we want.

When enough people decide to do this then it truly can cause this to happen. We can share our ideas and resources. We can explain our likes and dislikes. We can break away from the brainwashing that has kept us enslaved all of these years.

This starts through serious discussion with our work peers. Serious questioning of what solutions might be available to us. And the answer is in creating a new structure.

It is as William Blake vehemently declared: “I must create a system or be enslaved by another man’s; I will not reason and compare: my business is to create.”

It is possible to get enough like-minded people together in order to bring about the technological and economic change necessary to achieve something like this on such a large scale. Just look at the rapid development of Vegetarianism and Veganism in the world as one example compared to how it was 50 years ago. Look at the way in which restaurants now offer these options that were before non-existent. This has occurred through popular demand and huge social change that has come about through a multitude of people agreeing on something which was unconventional and then banding together in their own individual ways to bring about that change. It has caused it to occur.

In the future it will seem absurd to have been slaughtering animals for food. Just as in the future it will seem absurd that a large number of the population were willing to work for more than 40 hours a week doing something that they despised without ever thinking they had power to band together and make a change.

We can find groups of people who are aware of these issues, and who are working intelligently on solutions. We can liberate ourselves from this mundane life and create something much more conducive to true productivity.

Many think that if you are against working that you must be either lazy or don’t wish to do anything and would prefer to sit around watching television. But that very way of looking at it is from within the current system. We are limited in thinking what we would do with our free time after being drained from a terrible week of work. If we had all the time in the world, we would find our true heart’s passion. This would benefit not only ourselves but those around us in a positive way.

We can realize the value in each person’s true destiny and heart’s work. It is important to first release ourselves from the years of deep brainwashing that has been put upon us, free our minds from that conditioning, and then discover what our true heart really wants from us. Then we can get together with like-minded people who are also doing this and who have similar goals in creating their own alternate society and lifestyle - free from the current system.

This is achieved through self-creation and collaboration.

Many communities are already growing through this common realization of the need for liberation from the old system.

One solution is UNICULT, which describes itself as a “collaborative effort dedicated to the promotion of joy."  This is a powerful religion and movement of sorts which has been using the power of collaborative ideas and people to grow into a new mode of achievement that has transcended the old ways of doing things. They offer “UniJobs” and are developing their own alternate system which directly benefits the creators and those behind the movement in an equal exchange of creation and abundance. It cuts out the middle-man, unnecessary jobs, and creates room for creators and people who are willing to bring about real change through their individual passions.

It is a communal effort to change the vibration of the planet and it is fast gaining the type of momentum which has the potential to overtake the current system of work and exchange it for something far more valuable for all parties involved.

To find out more and to be a part of this developmental change as we transition from the old world and into the new you can learn how to Join UNICULT and be a part of this transformation at www.un1v3rs3.com where all are welcome and all ideas are cherished and flourish in the creation of a world that embraces true passion to liberate ourselves into a new way of being that will benefit everyone on the planet.