How to Spot an Angelic Sleeper Agent

A person with blonde hair, a black shirt, and jeans, covering their eyes as they look up to the heavens. There are clouds behind them

People who are not fully awake or aware of their own personhood are at risk of possession from spirits. It is very common for people to be affected by “lower” entities we call demons. These demons can control a person’s behavior and cause them to act violently, aggressively, or against their best interest. While possession by demonic spirits is widely understood and acknowledged, there is a similar but lesser-known type of possession that exists. This type of possession comes from ‘higher” realms and we can call it angelic possession.

The “higher” beings that possess these humans are not necessarily at the level of ascended master or true angel. They are more likely alien entities that have a karmic duty to correct Earth’s timeline like the Pleiadians. Aliens that are attempting to fix a karmic debt have access to the understanding that we are ALL ONE. This makes them generally safe to work with or be possessed by. As the empty human vessels fulfill their slave-like duties, they are also rewarded. These alien entities know that to truly benefit humanity, they must create no harm, and that includes protecting the well being of their sleeper agents.

In this article I’ll discuss what it is like to be an angelic sleeper agent, and what to do if you are the target of this potent spiritual weapon.

Signs you are an angelic sleeper agent

1. Dissociation or brain fog around your decisions

There is a severe disconnect between your emotions and your actions. Your life will be good and comfortable, until you start to feel a strange discomfort. This discomfort is your cue for possession. When you sit in discomfort for a long time it is because you are meant to communicate to those around you that a big life decision is coming to help them prepare for the transition. Unfortunately, many sleeper agents don’t understand this process and cannot properly use their discomfort to help prepare or warn those in their life of the upcoming changes.

As a sleeper agent, when you try to make a decision, things start to get hazy. Before you know it, you’ve made a big life decision and you feel great about it. It is as if, during the whole process, you were under the influence of some drug. Your life decisions profoundly affect those around you. You don’t exactly understand it and you can’t exactly explain it but it feels very justified and right. People around you may be hurt or upset, but you can’t connect to their concerns without dissociating or losing your focus. In your mind, the decision was obvious and justified, even if you don’t have the words to describe why.

2. Your life constantly gets better 

As you make big decisions that affect the world, your life continues to get better and better. You take this as a sign that you are making good decisions and all the while you aren’t even aware that you aren’t the one making the decision. In fact, agents of angels are highly protected and rewarded for their dutiful work as empty vessels for the divine. 

3. You easily exist in both 3D and 5D

You are comfortable existing in regular earth life and in general, you enjoy being embodied. You are probably a spiritual person but your spiritual awareness doesn’t take away from your ability to enjoy physical life. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you are financially rich. Angelic sleeper agents can be homeless or they can be billionaires. 

4. Strange things happen to you that you can’t explain

For the most part, it is easy to take credit for all the miraculous good things that happen in your life. Mostly, your life is filled with blessing after blessing and if you really think about it, you were compelled, as if by magic, to be in the right place at the right time to receive those blessings. They are no accident. 

Sometimes things that seem terrible happen too. These terrible things might change the course of your life and confuse you deeply. Again, you will probably get murky when you think of them. In the higher realms there is no such thing as a “good” thing or a “bad” thing. If you are a sleeper agent, your possessors will affect your life so that you are on the most beneficial timeline for their agenda. The bad things that happen to you are meant to put you on the right path so that you can be of the most use in the spiritual war.

Your interpretation of events rendering them “good” or “bad” in your mind is not shared by the entities controlling your life. You have always been protected even when it seems like harm has come to you. Again, you are a valuable asset to these entities and they would never allow such a powerful weapon to be wasted in this spiritual war. 

Being an angelic sleeper agent isn’t so bad as long as you don’t mind your major life decisions being made by someone other than yourself. It is a comfortable way to live life because for the majority of the time you are a NPC (non-playable character) and totally devoid of extreme emotions or opinions. You probably feel like you have agency over your life even though you don’t, and you can take personal credit for all the comfortable and good things in your life. 

Your ability to dissociate from the chaos you create allows you to keep on fine-tuning Earth with higher frequencies. Change is not easy and most of us would avoid it. Sleeper agents can enact massive disruption all the while being ignorant and innocent participants in that change. For the most part their lives are peaceful and easy, as they escape consequence from their actions.

If you feel like you may be a sleeper agent and the thought bothers you, simply take your autonomy back. There is really nothing too bad about having higher intelligences guide your life, so protection is really not necessary. But if you want to stop being a sleeper agent, just remember that at some point you allowed these entities to take over your body and your mind. Just as with demonic possession, you have the right to protect yourself from any interference. If your life has gotten better and better, then you know the entities are likely aligned with your best interests. Either way, it can’t hurt to make a proclamation, “I only allow myself to be guided by energies which align with my highest good.” 

To mitigate harm, if you are a sleeper agent, I would recommend doing your best to connect with the people around you before and after you make big decisions. Just because you feel good about your decision doesn’t mean that you haven’t severely disrupted someone else’s life or even an entire community. Probably, you were meant to disrupt that energy in a particular way so that everyone involved can grow from your surprising and unexpected behavior, but that still doesn’t mean that you haven’t caused temporary pain or harm. Remember that discomfort/depression are your first signs that you are about to be possessed to make a big energetic decision. When you feel those feelings, loop the people in your life in and explain that this usually predicates disruptive divine action that you are not totally in control of. They may see it as a cop out, but then again, your whole life is probably a little bit of a cop out since you are not actually the controlling agent in most of your affairs.

If you are the target of an angelic sleeper agent

If you are a very important person to the ascension of Earth, there is a high chance that you will be targeted by sleeper agents of both the light and the shadow realms. Most spiritual people quickly learn how to protect themselves from demonic energies manifested in lower vibrational humans, but the idea of angelic sleeper agents may come as a surprise. 

Angelic sleeper agents will be aligned with ALL ONE so they are not dangerous but their affect on your life may be extremely violent. Generally speaking, their unconscious purpose will be to put you on a new timeline. Sometimes this happens with a slight nudge, like a homeless person looking right at you and saying exactly what you need to hear, but more often than not, it is a violent and uncomfortable shift to be moved from one timeline to another. Angelic sleeper agents are an ingenious weapon in the spiritual war because they are not easily identified as unconscious beings. The more magical you are, the more easily you will see people’s higher selves and higher connections, causing you to trust angelic sleeper agents as if they were simply another spiritually conscious person. 

You may not recognize the fact that they are merely an empty vessel being used for the higher agenda of switching your timeline until it is too late. If you have attached to the person as a meaningful part of your life, it may be difficult to disengage who you thought they were (an angel) from who they actually are (an empty vessel that angels act through) Be gentle on yourself and allow yourself to transition into the new timeline with no attachment to outcome. New timelines cannot be comprehended by referencing old timelines. They are something entirely new. 

If your life has been overturned by an angelic sleeping agent, simply say thank you, don’t attach to them as a conscious entity, and carry on with your new, ascended life. Trust the process because it is likely very divine, even if it is extremely uncomfortable. 

If you are disturbed by the idea of unconscious people having a deep effect on your life, simply protect yourself with the proclamation, “I allow only fully conscious, fully embodied entities who are dedicated to the highest good of all to be in my reality. I do not allow sleeper agents to bamboozle me with light that they do not truly own.”