Gang-Stalking and the Spiritual Realm

you are god

I was gang stalked by three spirits invoked by a group of religious followers who hated me. I was also physically tracked by individuals who strongly opposed anyone who questioned their religion. Currently, I have only "assumptions" regarding their excessive hatred towards me. Besides that, heartbreak was part of the targeting. An individual pretended to be a lover, but was smear campaigning my reputation the entire time. We built four years of a dishonest relationship. I was a target, and the spiritual aspects of the stalking are what impacted me most. I would meet new people to eventually lose them. I would go to work so that chaos could subsequently erupt, and I would live with roommates before they became spies. The triangulation of opposition was becoming too real. The physical force, of course, was a factor. But, the spiritual aspect of it all made a tremendous impact on the injustice I was experiencing. Physically I gained a lot of weight, I cried a lot, and I did not trust anyone. Even my therapist was not worthy of speaking to me. I will talk mainly about the spiritual aspect of gang stalking in this article. But I am not implying at all that one force is more intense than the other. Both physical and spiritual gang stalking was and is extremely traumatizing. The inhumane physical aspects ill speak on more in a second article.

 What is Gang Stalking and who is targeted?

Gangstalking is commonly known as a form of community mobbing and designed tracking merged. Like one has workplace mobbing, and online mobbing, which is both fully acknowledged as real. This is the community enforcing spiritual and physical harassment. It can be due to factors, such as revenge, jealousy, sport, or to keep them quiet, etc. It can organize from many areas, including some systems of beliefs such as a religion.  Some describe this form of harassment as a psychological attack that can destroy a person's life, while leaving little or no evidence to incriminate the perpetrators. The people targeted seem to be (single) woman, minorities, outspoken individuals, whistleblowers, "dissidents" or a "nonconformist" of a bloodline that considers one unfit, etc. The Goals of this kind of abuse is to sensitize the target to become mentally unstable, isolate, and make them poverty-stricken. The secondary goal is to get the target to commit suicide or self-destruction.

What did I learn from the entities sent to me?

I learned that the entities sent to me were in lack of love, but the entities were the ones choosing not to accept that love already provided to them from the universe. The spirits were choosing to separate themselves from "God" or "Love" whichever way one would consider God. One spirit that will follow me was overwhelmed with depression, un-forgiveness, and a wounded inner child. As an empath, I felt every single emotion, regret, and sorrow from this being. The depressed entity carried unresolved matters that I would intend to block off and numb myself; avoiding the telepathic connection. The entity would telepathically yield all of its emotions on to me so that she could be understood. Instead of becoming agitated with this entity and telling it to go away; I felt the urge to communicate and ask what it is that is making them so depressed. Who sent them? And what is it that you need? The entity had no idea how to relieve itself out of the heaviness that it has been experiencing over time. A Second entity seems to be more of a loner; it didn't seem to care so much of having the company of others around or doing things for herself. It seemed more of self-pity, victimization, no longer wants to connect to the world, more on the lines of just existing. At this point, I began to question my mental illness and beliefs.

“Belief makes Real” – Unicole Unicron

Why the gang stalking ceased

I learned to overcome the situation and evolve to my highest self through the hardships. I understand that I am an aspect of God, and those that were pursuing me were some form of elements within myself that demanded to heal. Of course, this was my way of dealing with the situation. One could undoubtedly obstruct gang stalking. My approach could help, but the best way is your authentic way to stop organized harassment. I am acknowledging that there are multiple ways to overcome injustice. One will have to learn it for themselves. As I healed every inner wound within myself, the spirits/entities healed and walked into the path of love & light. I recognize that the three entities sent to follow me needed guidance. They did not know how to forgive, and they did not understand what self-love was. Those spirits moved on to their next level of evolving. Those who have targeted me did not realize that they blessed me. The universe blessed me with clairvoyance, clairaudience, mediumship, light working, and awakened healing aspects of myself hidden due to fear and religious dogma. I come to realize that I am the one who manifests elements of "me" into the world and the spiritual realm. I understand now that there is absolutely nothing to fear. My mind and thoughts changed the reality that's around me. Once I encompassed everything with love and tenderness. Spiritual stalking began to cease.

How to stay Spiritually Cleansed and protected

1.    “Florida Water” (Blasts away negative vibrations)

2.    “Basil” (Takes away negative energy and protects one’s Aura)

3.    Angelic Prayers

One could enjoy a nice bath and a clean house using Florida water and basil. Another Air purifier would be Sage. Sage clears away any negative energy that is felt in one area or more outside and one’s home. This form of smudging could also help cleanse one’s Aura. Remember that prayer is another way to help raise one’s vibration.

Unibless and Unilove

Tiara Jones