Depp, Heard, and the Levels of Reality

the arm of a judge holding a gavel

One may ask how does UNICULT and the Depp v Heard trial relate to one another? The UNICULT fundamentals, particuarly the levels of reality laid out therein, provide a framework to see the trial through.  In UNICULT we are taught that several realities exist: 
Ultimate Reality 
Personal Reality 
Physical Reality 
Spiritual Reality and 
Social (or Shared) Reality.

Each reality is described as follows:

Ultimate Reality is every perspective across time and space experienced at the same time by a single consciousness.  This may be the experience of God.

Personal Reality is your own perspective, and it is valid as your truth. 

Physical Reality is things you can touch like pebbles on beaches.

Spiritual Reality is easy to think about as the things that exist but you cannot touch, like energy, and thoughts, or dreams.

Social (or Shared) Reality is reality that two or more people agree on.  Any specific Social Reality grows stronger with more people that share the specific reality.

So let's apply these concepts of reality to the trail itself;
Depp v Heard is a battle of 2 personal realities to become THE social reality. 

If you look at this as one long battle for the social reality, we can see Heard striking the first blow.  

Organizing TMZ to have photographers outside the courthouse when filing a temporary restraining order and leaking videos/photos to the paparazzi, Heard sought to use the power of the social reality for change. Depp felt the weight of this, being labeled a wife beater by some. He fired back, with a lawsuit against a news corporation, and through statements by his lawyer.

It didn't work. Social reality, our shared reality, remained unchanged.

However, Depp still had his truth, his personal reality, "you can please tell people that it was a fair fight, and see what the jury and judge think, tell the world Johnny.  Tell them Johnny Depp, I Johnny Depp, that I'm a victim too of domestic violence and I know its a fair fight and see how these people believe or side with you." 

This is how we arrive at the Depp v Heard trial. One last battle in the war for their personal reality to be considered the "truth", the social reality that the populace share. 

In closing arguments, Depp's team invokes the power of the shared reality. During closing arguments, attorney Camille Vasquez names 20 witnesses that testified for Depp, telling the jury it doesn't matter if you believe either actor, it matters if you believe these 20 witnesses and their sworn testimony.  This strategy shifts the focus away from two personal realities fighting to be favored, but instead painting Depp's reality as the shared reality, because it already has these 20 other people that testified and believed in it.  

Setting aside the verdict issued, I am not here using the UNICULT perspective to pass judgement on either personal reality, as we want to give people the time and space to feel their feelings and live their realities. But the levels of realities do provide us a lens through which to better understand each perspective on these high profile events. 

UNICULT encourage us to share our realities while giving space and respect to others to share theirs. This battle of personal realities can be destructive, painful, and out of alignment with harmony and joy. We strive practice applying the fundamentals in all aspects of our lives so that we can learn and grow because our aim is for a more loving, sharing, and aligned reality. The highest possible reality, timeline, and joy.      

Thank you for your attention.