Death - the Facets and Healing

cemetery at twilight

Death. The word alone seems to put a bitter taste in the mouth, or a heaviness on the heart. I have been obsessed with understanding the part of the life cycle that is death since I was little, and had lost two very special people in my life within the same year. The usual feelings when losing a beloved is: why would God, if there is such a thing, do this? Why would a God allow death? Why have they been taken away from me? These are all real and valid feelings.

Life is a cycle. I have belief we experience death without having to die, or others dying. Death to a situation, feelings we keep feeling, experiences or a relationship. Whether you are an atheist, or a polytheist super spiritualist, we all can experience emotional and mental deaths in our existence. They look like growth or discomfort, depending on your ability to adapt to change. Death can be applied to your new phases of life, thinking, or beliefs. The death lies in the end of your old ways.

As long as we are living, death occurs in big or small ways. I do not believe there could be anything to completely heal the wound of losing a beloved, but I have total faith in these five ways you can ease the pain of any sort of death whether it be your own internal experience, or losing someone.

  1. Belief. Do you want to believe your beloved is still around? Or that you can still experience them without their physical form? Belief makes real. When you release any limiting ideas or judgments about talking to your beloveds that are not on this third dimensional realm, you are making a clearer channel for you and them to communicate. You can speak within your mind, out loud, writing, or however you see fit. Now, when speaking on death through experience, believing that you can grow from this experience and that the discomfort you are feeling is not permanent, makes the process a little easier. You are safe to believe in whatever it is that heals your pain for the highest good.

  2. Prayer. I see prayer as an act of asking and receiving. Would you like assistance on the death of your last relationship or deeply embedded thought forms? How about some type of message of confirmation your grandmother or dog had a comfortable transition to their next form of existence? Pray for it! Don’t know who to pray to? Some ideas are God, the Universe, there are Gods and Goddesses dedicated to death, all kinds of death. Do not be afraid to create your own idea of God or any entity. Your belief makes real. You can use candles, incense, crystals, other tools or just your magical self.

  3. Be vulnerable. As I scroll through social media, the most common thing I see people speak about is either being vulnerable, or wishing they could be. When we are honest about our true hearts whether it be online, a support group or to a friend, I think we could all agree there is nothing more beautiful than the human connection and tenderness that comes from expressing our heart’s unhealed parts when you are ready. That within itself is healing.

  4. Focus on what you love. Losing someone, or realizing you have spent so much of your time in a situation or thought form that was not beneficial to you makes you see that time is tricky, and you don’t know how much of it you have. It is important to work on healing the pain, but it is just as important to focus on what you love. Actively putting your energy towards something that makes you happy is the ultimate way to manifest more happiness and healing.

  5. Gratitude. Being grateful you experienced your beloved in this lifetime, being grateful you are growing from past circumstances, simply being grateful for anything you can think of.

Seeing death as a multifaceted experience and believing in anything that helps me cope with the grief of any sort of loss, has helped me and expedited my ability to heal tremendously. Death is painful. Loss is painful. I do not think there is anything more scary or painful when death is at hand or a threat, whether it be someone, situational or internal. Although, it is not permanent, it is a challenge, and can be healed.