Creating your Home on the Astral Plane

astral home

The astral plane is the plane of existence that lies beyond our physical world. It is the place that your spirit goes when you dream and when you meditate. It is a place without a physical aspect but it can be interacted with and controlled with by your mind. This is a place that everyone visits, whether they are conscious of it or not. Just like the physical plane, everyone exists there and is connected there. The astral plane is a place where you can reflect on your life, work on magical ambitions, converse with other beings, or relax as your true self. Therefore it is important and helpful to create a personal home on the astral plane.

Your astral home is a mental representation of a safe space from which you can access the rest of the astral plane. It begins as an imaginary location that you focus on and imbue with power over time. Of course having an astral home is not a requirement to exist or work in the astral plane. It is simply a familiar locale that can help you feel safe and at home.

To begin creating your astral home you will first need to meditate and clear your mind. One way to do this is to lay in a relaxed position in a quiet room. Close your eyes and let your mind begin to relax. You most likely will experience intrusive thoughts during this time but the solution is just to accept these thoughts, acknowledge them, and move beyond them.

Begin by envisioning a staircase that goes down beyond your vision. You are at the top of the stairs and you will begin walking slowly downwards. As you go down each step, you feel your body getting lighter and lighter, your muscles relaxing, and your mind clearing.

You are in the room with the staircase and it is real to you. As you descend you will become more and more relaxed, until you are completely at peace. This is when you may step off of the staircase and walk towards a doorway across from you. Beyond this doorway will be your astral home.

This is where you begin creating your astral home. Walk through the doorway and enter a blank room. Envision what you'd like your astral home to look like. It is best if it's a place that makes you feel peaceful and safe. It can be a tiny cottage in a clearing or it could be a luxurious apartment high in a city skyline. Whatever feels like home to you in is what you need to envision. Picture the room around you and see every aspect of it. Explore it as you would a physical location and note all of the furniture, decorations, etc. You should be able to see this place as if you were remembering the last time your were in your physical apartment or house.

You have created your astral home. Now you must repeat this exercise regularly until you can easily enter and see your astral home. Don't be concerned if you change the details to better suit you as you visit, but each visiting session should allow you to get a better feel for your home and for your home to feel more real to you.

Now that you have your astral home you can use it as a home base for meditations, dreaming, etc. It is helpful to reach your astral home before proceeding with deeper meditations. If you are doing spellwork you can enter your astral home and perform the ritual from within, drawing on your personal energy or earth energy to fuel the spell. If you want to explore the broader astral plane you can start in your home and then leave through a doorway or pathway into the great astral realm. You will always have a safe place to return to. Once you have done this enough you will find yourself visiting your astral home in dreams and you will be able to visualize your home as clearly as you can visualize a walk-through of your own apartment or house.

As a side note, the process of creating an astral home is very personal and should be adjusted to your own personality and ability. The staircase walk is only one possible way to enter a meditative state. If you have other means of beginning a meditation that works better for your, by all means do what feels right to you.