Colors and the Expanded Mind


Could colors be alive? When you color in a coloring book you “bring the picture to life.” We are creators, and a colored picture is a creation. What if the saying above got changed over the years? What if color “gives” life to a picture. Then it becomes an expression. Have you ever walked into a hospital and wondered why all the walls are white? Or go to a dentist and wonder why there is a different darker color painted on the walls? Do you notice that when you enter the children section of the waiting rooms, the walls are brighter and painted yellow? Then the walls for the adults are painted burgundy and red. In the adults waiting room of a dentist, the walls make you feel calm. In the kids waiting room, the walls make them feel happy and worry free. (This happens to me also when I see the kids waiting room.)

In a hospital, the walls are white. White is a neutral color that neutralizes anxiety. In both instances, rather the walls be white or burgundy, both invite a welcoming feeling, and allow everyone to feel more comfortable in a rather stressful situation.

Why and how does color make us feel emotions? Though we do not yet know why that is, science has proven this to be true. After years of speculation, studies show that colors do indeed affect the way you feel. Is color giving off energy? Are humans and color connected in some way? Yes. Researchers have shown, from running radio active tests (PET scans) to examine the brain, that colors directly manipulate chemical changes in the brain. These changes stimulate emotion and even decrease anxiety.

One thing we know is that molecules make up mass. Does all mass have vibration? Or does all vibration have mass? Voice carries vibrations through sound waves. If all vibrations have mass, could we speak something into physical existence? Do words come from life itself? It is a oft heard agreement that God spoke everything into existence.

We too are creators. Does life come from consciousness? Or is life itself, conscious? Life is everywhere; color is everywhere. Do these go hand in hand? Even in death there is life. Color comes from light. We see black! Black is a color. Color comes from light. We see no light in the blackest night. But if we look deeper, would we find light in the black? We are ALL ONE.

What exactly is light? When you see too much light, you go blind. Whose to say that black could not be inside of white, then vise versa. Do people born blind have an understanding of color? If so, would that make color a natural expression of life? Where does light come from? Passed this point I can no longer keep thinking deeper.

It is almost as if this topic is a sacred mystery of the Universe. I have came this far in unlocking these questions. But it is ultimately up for all humanity to put our minds together as one, and become a collective with the consciousness of the universe. Only then would we might be able to understand these abstract concepts of life. Until then, don't stop trying. Always question that which is beyond our physical conception. Look into yourself and unlock your own internal wonders. Maybe then, we would connect our minds and begin to hear the words of creation.

Always push the limits of your own thoughts. Because only you make the limitations. You are limitless.