Better Living in the Simulation

a person wearing a virtual reality headset, sitting a tub shaped chair

Simulation theory is the idea that all of earth and reality is an artificial world, most likely made by a computer. Examples of this theory in the media are movies like The Matrix or The Truman Show. In both of these movies, the protagonist is is trapped in a world of another’s creation, without their knowledge. Simulation theory is also in our video games. An example of this would be the Sims, which is a game where you can create characters and build their life for them. We cannot prove that this is not our existence as well, so how do we cope with this possible reality? 

There are a few different types of simulations that we are possibly in. Below are some tips to deal with different types of simulations.

First consider what type of simulation you are in. Depending on which simulation you are in, there are different tips you can use to deal with it:

  1. Find peace with it. There is nothing we can do while we are inside the simulation to escape it. Like 2-D beings trying to interact in 3-D worlds, the reality is so far out of their comprehension that it doesn't benefit you to worry about it. 

  2. Consider why you think we are in a simulation. Is this a belief that benefits you? Try to change this belief if it is harmful to you. An alternate belief could be that there is an intelligent being that placed us here to protect us.

  3. Use it to your benefit. If we are in a simulation, how can you benefit from it? As someone who used to struggle with anxiety and a video game lover, there was a time when I just pretended that my life was a video game and that my decisions and actions were not as important as I thought. This freed me to do more things that I love and to be able to experience life again.

  4. Know you are not alone. If it was just you inside the simulation, this theory would not be presented to you. Other beings are here with you experiencing the same thing.

  5. Be comforted that if we are in a simulation, we are all connected and therefore we are all one. In a way, we could be connected not only to each other, but also to the creator of this world.

  6. Know that you exist, "I think therefore I am" 

  7. Just like in the Sims, even though the creator is controlling the Sims actions, the characters are still living on somewhere outside of my own universe even if their own timeline ends. You continue to exist even if the simulation does not.

  8. Figure out how to make the reality respond to you.

  9. Take back your power by learning how the simulation works. Do you notice that when you behave a certain way, things react a specific way? Manifestation can be a first step to see if you are in a reality that responds to it. I personally believe some people are and others aren't. 

Since in UNICULT we know that our reality is reality, whether or not it is a simulation does not change reality itself. The most we can do on planet earth is to make sure that our personal reality is benefiting us.