Best Book Recommendations for Shifting Your Reality

books to blow your mind

It is with great joy that I write this article in response to the numerous inquiries I have received asking for book recommendations. While there are many books that are dear to my heart, the following books are what I consider to be the BEST books for shifting your reality. This list includes fiction, nonfiction, and some books that are in-between. Happy reading, readers. 


1. Fundamentals of UNICULT

Undoubtedly the best book for shifting your reality, Fundamentals of UNICULT is written specifically for this purpose. At once a practical and educational text, Fundamentals will guide you gently through concepts you have never considered and your reality will be profoundly impacted. 

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2. Urantia

This book was channeled anonymously and published in 1955. It outlines the governance structure of heaven or the divine realms. I am inclined to believe it is mostly true. With channeled texts, you must always take into account the transfer of information. Much like a game of telephone, information can sometimes get distorted. My main difficulty with this book is the inclusion of gender. I believe that angels, higher beings, and God are all androgynous. The repetition of Father and Sons can become tiresome if you are outside of gender, but, if you are programmed with religious understanding, it might appeal more to you in that way. Gender aside, this book is absolutely wild and there are no other books on Earth other than The Keys of Enoch (that I have found) that come close to the density of higher information contained within. 

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keys of enoch

3. The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch

The Keys of Enoch outlines the scientific spiritual truths of how the universe operates. I see it as a companion to Urantia in the sense that Urantia outlines the political structure while The Keys of Enoch outlines the underlying science behind it. Complete with psychedelic illustrations, this book belongs on any seeker's shelf. 

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4. Momo by Michael Ende

A work of fiction meant for children, this book is not to be overlooked or forgotten. From the same author of The Neverending Story, Momo will completely transform your understanding of how time works. An engaging and heartfelt read that is simultaneously mind blowing. 

This book is available in the public domain. You can find it as a PDF or audiobook by searching online.

sorrows of satan

5. Sorrows of Satan by Marie Corelli 

At once both a compassionate tale about Satan and somehow simultaneously an educational crash-course in higher spiritual concepts, Marie Corelli shows her true genius in this work. This piece of fantastic fiction follows a writer who is tempted by the empty obsession with material success when he is befriended by none other than Lucio, the devil incarnate. 

This book is available in the public domain. You can find it as a PDF or audiobook by searching online.

romance of two worlds

6. Romance of Two Worlds by Marie Corelli 

Have you ever been disconsolate and melancholy? Depressed and nothing seems to lift your spirits? This work of fiction will guide you on the journey of someone in that exact state with the ultimate cure - ascended master inspired vivifying elixirs! Truly a pleasure to read, this book will download you with so much spiritual knowledge you won't even know what to do with it all. Marie Corelli is your go-to author for people who prefer fiction but also want to know more about spiritual ascension and the higher realms. 

This book is available in the public domain. You can find it as a PDF or audiobook by searching online.

st germain

7. The I AM St. Germain Series 

The beautiful information inside this series was compiled in the 1930s and 1940s by a man who was visited by St. Germain himself. I attribute these teachings to allowing me to truly cross over from my lower to my higher self in every waking moment. In finding a state of harmony within my tempestuous emotional world and with transforming my reality into one of pure light. These books truly contain the secret for spriritual ascension and it is simpler than you might think. I disagree with these books on only two points, that is, the ingestion of cannabis, and astrology, which I both believe are wonderful things. 

Buy this book from your local metaphysical bookstore or directly from the publisher here. Start with Volume 1 for the most entertaining introduction to the concepts. 


8. The Information by James Gleick

The UN1V3RS3 is made of light, or in another word, information. How this information is transmitted between individuals and groups on Earth has been largely connected to shifts in consciousness and understanding. This book is a fantastic outline of the history of information and data distribution between people and groups. A fun read and certainly reality shifting.

Buy this book from your local bookstore. 


9. Flatland by Edwin A. Abbott

A fictionalized narrative of 2 dimensional beings, this short book written in 1884 will help you understand your position as a 3rd dimensional being. This book is most mind blowing when the knowledge you gain from it is applied to higher dimensional conceptions. There is another book I also recommend called Flatterland: Like Flatland Only More So which was written in 2001 by Ian Stewart if you enjoy Flatland and want to read more on this topic from a fictionalized account.

This book is available in the public domain. You can find it as a PDF by searching online.

warped passages

10. Warped Passages by Lisa Randall 

An accessible non-fiction description of the mystery of dimensional realities from a science-based perspective. This book will ground the reader in the infinite potential for reality. 

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11. Philosophical Writings by Novalis

Deeper than it seems, this book of contradictions forces the reader to undergo deep analysis of the self. This book will make you angry and confused. If you're able to let go of your preconceptions and egoic attachments to truth, it may also transform your reality. 

This book is available in the public domain. You can find it as a PDF by searching online.

getting rich

12. The Science of Getting Rich 

Wallace D. Wattles sat down and figured it out. The Secret is based on this small book. If you want to know how to transform your reality into one with material riches, this book can be a great key. I especially think it is useful for the heady spiritual type who has trouble understanding how to bring their genius ideas down to Earth. A short read and worth every page.

This book is available in the public domain. You can find it as a PDF or audiobook by searching online.


13. We the Arcturians by Norma J. Milanovich with Betty Rice and Cynthia Ploski

Channeled at the same time as the world's first global meditation, the Harmonic Convergence, and coincidentally, the same time as my birth, this text outlines Arcturian society and technology. This book will shift your reality when you open your mind up to the potential for applying some of these advanced ideas to the realm of Earth. UNICULT is working to do just that. 

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hands of light

14. Hands of Light: A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field 

A fantastic introduction with beautiful illustrations that will expand your consciousness to understanding human energy fields, auras, and healing. I refer to this book often to remind myself of the more subtle energies that we are dealing with that our eyes do not always directly see. 

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strange loop

15. I am a Strange Loop by Douglas Hofstadter 

I am a Strange Loop provides a conceptual framework for understanding consciousness. 

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15. Sum: Tales from the Afterlives by David Eagleman

Sum is a work of fiction that presents a variety of potential afterlife thought experiments. While most are quite cynical, reading Sum allows the reader to conceptualize potential afterlife realities and open their mind up to the potential for infinite possibility. 

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