Apparently it Costs 10,000 to Buy This Robot's Virginity


It's the end of 2018 and things are getting weird. Taylor Swift is now a political hero, actual rocket ships can be seen flying around willy nilly (thanks SpaceX), and someone is selling robot virginity on Indiegogo for $10,000.

Given the fact that sex robots are still in a very rudimentary phase and have no semblance of true consciousness, claiming you can take its virginity is akin to saying you could take the virginity of a flesh light. But while a flesh light and a sex robot are logically in the same category, humans tend to personify and anthropomorphize things with faces - especially pretty faces. 

Eve's Robot Dreams is apparently the world's first consent-focused robot brothel. Again, most people would be hard pressed to agree that robots can have virginity, let alone consent to a sexual relationship with a real person. But if technology keeps advancing, at what point do we say that a robot has the ability to consent? At what point do we say a robot's virginity is important? The Eve's Robot Dreams Indiegogo seems to be saying that these things are important now, or that by practicing their importance, that we'll be better off. According to their campaign:

Contributing to Eve's Robot Dreams will help build a world where robots are treated with the respect they deserve, thus not contributing to a potential robot rebellion in the future.

Now I've seen Westworld and I'm not totally cool with how things turn out. I think I have compassion for robots. While I know the robots that exist now are just simple machines that are tricking my brain into thinking that they're human, I still feel like I have a bit of a soft spot for them. And who knows, maybe one day they will become sentient and get mad at me for not helping them have the best future.

Eve's Robot Dream's final and highest reward is called "You're the first" and includes "The rights to be the first person to take one of our robots on a public and private date." It costs $10,000 and includes a flight to Los Angeles if you're not in the area. The campaign also says, "Make History!" as if taking a robot's virginity is one of major accomplishments of toxic masculinity that no one thought of yet. 

Everyone is going to have a different opinion about sex robots. They make us question our own humanity. Sometimes that's uncomfortable. But robots are here to stay and if pornography is any indication of the power of sex technologies, we are in for a ride. I will be following Eve's Robot Dreams, and keeping a careful eye on those beautiful machines.