The Amazing and Magical Healing Benefits of Reiki


Take a moment, breathe, and then think about where your breath comes from. Think about the fibers of your being and how you are alive. Think about the energy and the source that actually makes this possible. This is the reiki energy itself, the universal energy of life. The ultimate life force. Unfortunately, most people are not familiar with the term Reiki or the fact that such healing energy even exists. I want to tell you the benefits of reiki, but first you must learn a brief history, where it actually comes from, and how it works. 

Reiki is an ancient healing technique and an alternative form of medicine that was developed and introduced by Japanese Buddhist Mikao Ussui in 1922. It is also referred to as “laying on of the hands” and is technically broken up into two different words. “Rei” refers to higher intelligence, wisdom, God and “Ki” or “Chi” represents the universal life force that animates all living things, the breath. So, Reiki is a life force healing energy that is guided by Higher Intelligence and the Spirit. It is a healing technique based on the principal that the reiki practitioner will be guided by spirit and can channel the life force energy onto the recipient, or their patient, by means of touch with the energy flowing through their hands. It is supposed to activate the natural healing process in the body, restore physical and emotional well being, balance and cleanse your chakras and energy meridians, and put you into a deep state of relaxation. Most people can not imagine that just putting your hands on someone can do this, but I have first hand experience to attest that it is in fact, real. 

The most well known form of Reiki was Usui Reiki. Usui-Sensei was born on August 15th, 1865. He was born into an unfortunate and poor life which made him want to strive for much more, harden his mind and body, and stop flinching at every difficulty that life brought his way. One day Usui-Sensei decided to climb Mt. Kurama where he began to do penance while fasting. On the 21st day of his journey he felt a great energy, or a great Reiki, over his head. At that moment he became spiritually awakened and received the Reiki cure. There was an adjustment or attunement to his overall energy and he also received symbols in this state that can activate the reiki healing more powerfully, and different symbols for different healing such as emotional and distance healing. After receiving these powers he soon tried it on himself, but more importantly his friends and family who had an immediate reaction to it. And the first time my Reiki master performed it on me, I couldn’t deny the immediate reaction I had as well. 

I was definitely skeptical about Reiki at first, because you honestly don’t know what to expect. I just couldn’t understand how it worked and the thing is that, it is very hard to explain to people. It really is something you have to experience yourself because it truly is more of a feeling and a transcendental experience. I always love sharing the story of my first experience because it was so specific that after that point, I knew that I had physically felt something that I couldn’t ignore. I was in massage school and one day we had a substitute teacher who was a Reiki Master, and little did I know, she would become mine. I was curious about it so she offered to do it on me. I laid down face up, closed my eyes, and relaxed. Before I knew it, I felt chills all over my body, the energy was so powerful that my lips started to shake, but I also felt the most relaxed I’ve ever felt in my life. I had also thought to myself that my knee felt really cold and tight for some reason but didn’t actually say anything about it and then all of a sudden she said, “You have a few cold spots in your body, one of them is your knee.” Apparently a cold spot is a place where energy can be blocked. The point is that she was spot on and I physically felt these sensations. It was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had in my life and after that I definitely wanted to learn. I’m now certified in Reiki Level II and I hope to become a master. Being that I am certified I have also now had a number of incredible experiences with the people I’ve worked with which I will also be sharing. But now that you have a better idea of where reiki comes from, what it actually is, and how it works I can go more into detail about all of the amazing benefits, some of which I mentioned before. 


Reiki was created to heal and balance the 7 chakras, the meridians, and energy fields that make up the energy system which flows through our bodies that make us alive. Not only does it help heal our emotional baggage from life and our physical ailments, but it is a deep cleanse and healing for the thing that is actually giving our bodies life. Your soul and that weight of the world feeling you have will be lifted from you and your spirit will feel such a relief, your vibration will be raised. 


One main thing that Reiki helps with is self connection, emotional connection, and emotional healing. It will help you go deep into your psyche, your subconscious and possibly bring up trauma and fears you have gone through in life that with time, you can face and heal. If you are the type of person who is emotionally distant and holds back it can really help you connect with yourself and express your emotions more easily. It will help you see that its not scary or bad to have emotions and it will make you more willing to actually deal with the problems you come across in life and communicate more effectively. It can also help heal your emotional body in general, such as the different layers of your aura. It will help you transcend all of the things that are holding you back, it will help you see that the impossible is possible. 


Whether you take classes and get certified or just get reiki sessions from someone your intuition will get more powerful and your psychic abilities will start to grow. This is another important aspect of the emotional connection, but also physical connection in a sense. Reiki allows you to get so in touch with your body that it in turn also gets your body in tune with whats happening outside of it. You will start to “just know” things, way more than you may have before. You could have more deja-vu experiences. You could become very sensitive and it is important to know how to manage all of this, but either way you will be able to trust your gut instinct way more and actually follow it instead of being unsure and not doing anything to change.


Reiki can also seriously aid with depression, anxiety, bipolar and BPD, mania, insomnia, ADD/ADHD, the list goes on. I can attest to the fact that I have helped numerous people (about 7), who claimed to have insomnia. People who have told me that they can never just “fall asleep” or never get much sleep in general. Within the first five minutes of performing Reiki on all of these people, they all immediately fell asleep. It's still surprising to me that it works that well. It just allows you to truly relax, truly be in the moment, concentrate on your breathing, and not do anything else. It allows you to truly go to a different place of beautiful light energy and get out of the cyclical destructive behaviors that might be plaguing you. It shows you that it is possible to relax, it is possible to stop feeling “that way”, it is possible to feel good, and not feel such heavy negative emotions all the time. It’s honestly some of the best self care you can do, especially if you actually get certified in it so you can do it for yourself and others at any given moment. Investing in it will allow you to always have access to it especially if you’re someone who has emotional and behavioral issues and need a practice that can pull you out of a negative episode, to whatever level it might be. 


This is the most miraculous thing about reiki to me. It can truly help heal the physical body. Whether it helps regress or heal diseases, or actually helps break up and heal muscle tension. Yes, reiki can break up muscles! I know, because this has happened for numerous clients of mine, especially in the neck area. My reiki comes through in my massages and now ever since getting certified in level II I know how to channel it to loosen muscles. This is especially good for clients who are holding on to a lot of very deep tension. I have had the experience of just placing my hand on a part of my clients body, preforming reiki, and feeling their muscles flutter underneath my hands. Its almost like a bubbly tingly feeling, then when I go back to normal massage, there is a significant difference in the tension and most of my clients have realized it and pointed it out even when I didn’t necessarily tell them I was doing the reiki.

A lot of times people who carry very deep tension and want extremely deep pressure in their massages are holding onto something that is very emotionally devastating, or their anxiety and stress levels are very high. Its not that deep pressure massages are bad, but when you come back every time and your muscles are just as tight, consider finding a massage therapist who can also do reiki and be open to a different approach because reiki can really help you loosen up in a way that you did not expect and get to that deep tension that no amount of pressure ever could. I also have not had any personal experiences yet with helping to heal illness or disease that I know of,  but I have read many accounts that attest to it. This is also part of healing your chakras and meridians because when everything is balanced and you’re in tune/connected with your body, your immune system also grows stronger. Sometimes the thing you wouldn’t even dream of working could end up being the solution.

My last bit of advice to you is to not keep putting it off and try Reiki! Its just like when people have never gotten a massage before. And if you haven’t done that you should make getting a massage a priority for yourself as well. These things can be costly, but when you realize the work that healers truly do, you will realize that its worth every penny because they are rare to come by. Even though it is becoming a bit more popular and well known there are still way more people who aren’t dedicated to healing than people who are. Trying to find someone who you really connect and feel comfortable with can be difficult too, so when you find the right person that will also be very worth it.

I have had countless people that I worked with flat out not believe that anything was going to happen and then when I was done all of these people said things like “I don’t know what that was but I feel so amazing”, or “how did you do that?”, or “that was magic!” Its just like finding the right therapist or hair stylist, only Reiki will open up your mind, body, and spirit on an entirely new breathtaking level. It will change your life for the better and you’ll actually get to experience true magic.