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What If The Earth Was Flat?

Before we begin I want to address that I’m not currently pushing a geocentric or heliocentric model of the world. When it comes to “flat earth” and “spherical” earth both have their flaws. However I will be presenting the case for the geocentric flat earth. I will present the flat earth model because most people who discuss it automatically shut it down or present false views of the model. Instead I will reveal the startling connections on how this world may not be what we think, why it matters and where we should go next. As always keep in mind that if this concept is too ridiculous for you, use it as a thought experiment. In this analysis I will try to refrain from utilizing conspiracies as the crux for the argument, although we may touch on some briefly. I personally think it’s important to illustrate the facts before introducing conjecture.

Shape of The Earth

One of the major contention points of the flat earth discussion is the words “flat” vs “round” earth. When I say flat earth I don’t mean the world is flat like a sheet of paper lacking any serious surface features, and when I say round earth it doesn’t mean spherical. However most instantly assume if you say the world is round then you’re talking about a globular/spherical/ball like object but it’s not the case. When flat earth is mentioned to be round, think of it as a pizza. Pizza are round but aren’t globes, pizzas have plenty of surface features via it’s toppings, think crust, sauce, toppings, like the earths mountains, oceans, lifeforms. Sure this is just a crude comparison but hopefully you can see how objects can be round but not a sphere.

“Ah I got you now, if the earth was flat how could circumnavigation work?”, said the inquisitive reader. Well circumnavigation works perfectly fine on a circle there’s no need for the world to be a sphere to leave and return in the same spot by utilizing a circular path.

Most people when you mention flat earth they will ask, “have you ever been on a plane, been to the beach, or seen the sun set, all of that is proof we live on a globe and there is visible curvature?” To that I say If the earth was a globe, the higher we rose in elevation we would have to look down to see the horizon, but that's not the case in reality. The horizon is always eye level regardless of altitude and this is indicative that we live on a plane and not a sphere.

Water un-manipulated always finds it’s level and remains flat, hence the saying sea level. When people say the boat disappears due to the curve of the earth it’s not true. You can test this by getting a camera with a powerful zoom. The camera will reveal the boat only left your line of sight. The curvature of the earth is only seen through wide angle/fish eye lenses because the image is distorted to display a wider field of view.

Now you may be wondering why you can’t see across the entire plane if the world is flat? Well that is because of an atmospheric lensing effect. The water particles and atmosphere acts as a lens, distorting, zooming and occluding objects. This works in congruent with various art/graphical point perspective and vanishing point. If an object vanished by going over the curve no amount of zoom could bring it back into view, the reason why we can still see it is because we're on a plane like surface and not a spherical one.

The appearance of the setting sun is impacted via the same logic behind vanishing and point perspective that causes the ship to come and go out of view. Another way we can determine this is thanks to the suns light. If the sun were approximately 93million miles away, the light from the sun would hit the earth from the same angle, but this is not the case.

Instead the sun’s crepuscular rays reveal it’s much closer and is a localized light source. This is witnessed via sun spots shining through the clouds, or over the ocean, etc. I'll try to explain what I mean by this. Imagine you're standing in-between two train tracks, a long hallway, a road with street lamps on both sides. What we see are the tracks, walls, street lights converge into a single point, they look like they get smaller or touch, even though we know their size and location isn’t changing. A similar event happens with the sun; it is moving but traveling further away or closer depending on your location. When the sun appears to rise it is getting closer and when it appears to set, the sun is actually only moving further away from you until it disappears at the vanishing point.

Now that we’ve established the common issues when it comes to terminology and observation we can move on to some heavier topics. “We got this author now, he just said “heavier” haha explain gravity on a flat earth!” But what about gravity you ask? The true force you experience is a combination of buoyancy, density, and electromagnetism. Gravity is only a theory and can’t be proven or replicated anywhere on the earth. How can gravity be strong enough to hold the oceans from flying off into space but a balloon can float. It’s because the balloon is less dense than the air so it rises. You’ve never witnessed gravity in nature or a laboratory where smaller objects revolve around larger objects due to their mass and gravitational force. If gravity was a universal force we’d be able to replicate it in the lab or observe it in nature, but this is not the case.

Why Does It Matter?

When it comes to this topic, it can be a hard pill to swallow. It opens up more questions than answers, but is more logical and accurate compared to most of the globular earth heliocentric model. Some may wonder what's the point or how does it matter; the reason behind that would be to hide the truth of existence and the creator(s) of this realm. If we believe mainstream science then humanity is nothing more than a happy accident that evolved on a spec of dirt in the cosmos, it takes away any divine purpose or plan. All that’s left are semi sentient evolved creatures enslaved to corrupt corporations that manipulate and exploit their weaknesses; as they cannibalize each other bringing the world to a slow end.

Anyways I could go deeper when it comes to conspiratorial points of view but I tried to refrain. I also didn’t touch on the mythological or religious links. However now we’re going to get a little crazy in regards to conspiracy. For everyone screaming the pictures prove the earth is a ball. There aren't any real photos or videos of earth from space, even nasa will admit the images are composites or artist renditions based off data, and when it is claimed to be "real" the continents size and various features change dramatically over the short years. Also the only videos that show the curvature of the earth is through a fish eye lens camera. Supposed satellite technology can all be conducted via ground based radio technology, wired connections, or high altitude air crafts.

If satellites were real, why don’t we point our home tv satellite dish receivers strait up, why do we lose a cell phone signal high in the mountains with no obstructions when we should technically be closer to the source, and why are there underground cables in the ocean that connect the various nations internet? If the earth revolved and rotated around the sun, shouldn’t the day/night time cycle flip when we get to the opposite point in space on the other side of the sun?

Why does the sun and moon appear to be the same size, but through alleged sheer coincidence a size and placement difference is the answer? Why are objects in the moons light cooler than objects in the shade, does the moon have cooling properties? How come when you do the math for the earths speed, tilt or various other calculations it equals some form of 666? Why was there a UN treaty written to make travel, exploration, and experimentation in Antarctica beyond penguin parties nearly impossible? Why does the word nasa have etymological ties to Hebrew? Does operation paperclip, high jump, fishbowl, and dominic have anything to do with this? Why does JFK talk about space travel in past tense and a strange way before ever going, does his views against the systems secrets get him killed? What’s with almost all of the astronauts being freemasons? If they have been to the moon why doesn’t the government go back? How could they get through the lethal Van Allen radiation belt before knowing it existed without dying and then after it’s discovery deem it a task they have to currently solve today in order for human space travel? Wouldn’t a moon base be logical staging area for future moon space missions, military advantage, or commercial resorts? Over 40 years and no serious space progress, but nasa takes billions of tax dollars yearly? Will these mind numbing questions ever end? Haha

For those of you who think a conspiracy or lie this big couldn’t be kept forever, well news flash it didn’t hence why you’re reading about it right now. I’m not the first to discuss it and won’t be the last. Even our ancestors who are arguably more advanced than us knew the geocentric earth to be the truth. Also everyone doesn’t have to be in on the deception. Compartmentalization combined with indoctrination of the masses is the only thing needed to steer a culture and manipulate information; cartoonish levels of conspiracy isn’t required. Once you set up authority figures and ridicule those who question the status quo, you find yourself back in a world where “truth” is whatever the high priest or monarchy say it is.

Where Do We Go From Here?

Well if you made it this far you just might be crazy and have nowhere to go; don’t worry I’m kidding, this isn’t a gas-lighting attempt, but the meme of flat earth could be. Sticking to the end shows you’re curious, stayed for a laugh, enjoy a good brain teaser, or have an attention span longer than an army of goldfish. However if you have serious questions know that some answers must be obtained through unbiased research, observation and experimentation; also known as “true science”. Flat earthers don’t know everything and neither do globe earthers. Most of what is held as truth in modern physics is only built on unproven glorified science fiction. You can’t always rely on authority figures, textbooks, or theories. True science requires much more. When someone has an opposing view don’t react with ignorant vitriol or dogma, investigate what they’re saying or leave it alone. We can progress much further when we have friendly debates versus losing ones temper and staying divided. I’m not here to tell you which fandom is better or more accurate, that’s up for you to decide.