Is 5G Dangerous?

Girl holds cell phone right up to her freakin head

We are blessed to live in a time of incredible mastery and innovation over the electromagnetic spectrum. Humanity has harnessed the power of electricity, radar, x-rays, radio frequency, and microwaves. In particular, the microwave spectrum of the electromagnetic spectrum has created incredible potential for communication via cell phone service.

As we create technologies which operate over large swaths of the electromagnetic spectrum, we saturate our cities and our homes with artificially generated frequencies. These artificially generated frequencies are generally referred to as ElectroMagnetic Radiation (EMR) or ElectroMagnetic Fields / Frequency (EMF). 

Recently the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) has auctioned off sections of the electromagnetic spectrum to different companies for their right to operate technology on certain microwave and millimetre bandwidths referred to as 5G. The “airwaves” have been auctioned off and regulated since the commercialization of radio. Commercial standardization helps maintain clear signals that don’t interrupt one another. 

Perhaps unexpectedly, 5G has been widely protested across the world. Concerned citizens have been speaking out, attending city council meetings, and even going so far as to destroy the towers by tearing them down, shoot them, and light them on fire. In one extreme case, a previous telecom employee drove a tank around his town knocking down the poles. 

As 5G is getting installed in my neighborhood, I began to look into these concerns. Are they unfounded, reactionary luddite responses to the future of innovation? Or do these concerns hold valid weight? 

5G operates much the same as 3G and 4G service.  Your phone’s microphone turns your voice into a digital signal using a mems sensor and Integrated Circuit (IC). The digital signal is turned into binary, which then gets sent as electromagnetic waves from the antenna. 0s are represented as low frequency and 1s are represented as high frequency bursts which are sent as datapacks. 

From your cell phone, the electromagnetic waves travel to the closest cell tower. These electromagnetic waves are turned into high frequency light pulses which are then sent along fiber optic cables through the network and mobile switching center to the cell tower closest to where you are sending the call. That tower then sends electromagnetic waves to the cell phone of whoever you are calling and their phone transmits the digital signal into audio via the speaker. (1)

3G, 4G, and 5G are different from one another in two distinct ways. The first is the type of antenna bundling, power, and direction. Antenna innovations have been made to maximize the potential of pairing antennas to send a clear, powerful signal directly to the target. These innovations are called Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) and Beamforming. 3G and 4G began the innovations in using multiple antennas to optimize the power of each signal. 5G has the most amazing innovations in this regard.

5G operates on Massive MIMO, utilizing arrays of 50+ antennas per square foot, each layered with opposite polarizations to send the same signal to multiple users or to increase the power of a signal to one user. Two signals at once allow for increased power and redundancy. 

These antennas can also be paired up for beamforming, which is where several antennas send the same signal but they have different phases and amplitudes. This allows the signal to be focused in a directed beam at the user or target. (2)

The second way 3G, 4G, and 5G are different technologies is the frequency bands that they use. 1G, 2G, and 3G operated at 850MHz. 2G and 3G made innovations on reorganizing frequency bands. 3G evolved and included 2100MHz. 

4G LTE technologies added spectrum and frequency bands around 600MHz, 700MHz, 1.7/2.1 GHz, 2.3GHz, and 2.5GHz.

5G frequency bands plans are much more complex. They span 24.250 GHz to 56.600 GHz but also include unlicensed parts of the spectrum. Auctioning is still happening for the millimeter wave section of the spectrum. In December of 2018 the FCC opened up 37.6 GHz to 38.6 GHz to 40GHz and 47.2 GHz. (3

These frequencies are higher on the electromagnetic spectrum and are subject to the inverse square rule, which means they cannot travel very far without losing their strength. For this reason 5G antennas need to be placed very close together. These towers are much more closer together than regular cell towers. 5G antennas need to be placed every few blocks, sometimes even between houses. AT&T and Sprint are utilizing existing utility poles to put up this network.

To understand the importance and weight 5G requires the ability to think in a both technical and practical way. Our current telecommunications network was started with immense amounts of government oversight. When I worked for the telecommunication company CenturyLink, previously Mountain Bell, I worked with engineers who had originally started their careers as telephone operators, actually plugging in wires to connect people’s calls. These engineers told me that they saw first hand, the shift away from regulation and care of consumers, to the capitalist free-for-all we are currently enduring. 

All endeavors predicated on greed are corrupt. This is a default truth. When financial profit is the “bottom line” or end goal, the consumer’s well-being is disregarded. While there are many brilliant engineers working on creating a world of instant communication, the major players in the roll outs of these technologies are part of the billionaire and CEO “elite” class. This class of people is often riddled with psychopaths addicted to making as much money as possible without regard for human consequence. (4). 

I personally believe the goals of this “ruling class” are more nefarious than pure greed alone, and this suspicion is one that caused me to entertain the possibility that 5G is both a dormant and passive weapon.


5G as a Passive Weapon

We live in a sea of energy. The electromagnetic spectrum interacts with our consciousness and bodies in amazing ways. Our eyes can see the visible light spectrum (430-770 THz) while our ears hear another range (20Hz-20kHz). Our hearts emit electromagnetic radiation (0.5-10Hz) that can be felt up to four feet away. Our bodies send and receive electrical information along the nerve pathways. Perhaps most importantly, our brains use electricity to think. The brain operates on a few ranges of frequencies. These frequencies are known as Delta (0.1-3.5Hz), Theta (4-8 HZ), Theta (4-8 Hz), Alpha (8-12 Hz), Beta (12-40Hz), Gamma (above 40Hz). Each of these ranges of frequencies represents an entirely different emotional state and state of awareness within the conscious individual.

Earth itself also generates a frequency known as the Schumann Resonance (7Hz-40Hz and currently climbing). This frequency has been associated with cognitive functioning and has even been theorized as a repository for global conscious uploading of information, known in spiritual communities as the akashic records. (5

While we are awash in artificially generated frequencies, it is hard for our bodies to get into the natural rhythm and flow of life itself as emitted by the earth and our own bodies. The Schumann Resonance cannot be felt and that is just one known example. These artificial frequencies have been polluting our environments with no consideration for our overall well being. No person can opt out. Our consent is implied by our existing.

Many individuals have Electromagnetic Sensitivity and can genuinely feel the effects of these artificial frequencies. I am electromagnetically sensitive and get headaches when I attempt to use bluetooth headphones. Bluetooth speakers and keyboards don’t bother me, but headphones do. I can feel when my cell phone makes a call. In fact, a study was done where participants didn’t know their phone was on and on the cellular network (making a call) in the same room as them. For an hour after this unknown call was made, they experienced heightened states of awareness and alertness. (6)

Cancer clusters have been found at the base of many communities who live close to cell towers. (7) Cell phone user manuals specifically say not to hold your cell phone to your head. Cell phones, which operate on the microwave span of the electromagnetic spectrum, have been shown to heat up brain tissue when used. (8)

Some frequencies of 5G have been shown to affect the oxygen’s ability to bond with the hemoglobin in our blood. 

“60GHz is the frequency of oxygen molecule absorption. Oxygen molecules have electrons that they share with each other, oxygen is a diatomic molecule. What we breathe are two oxygen molecules bonded together with the electrons that they share.” When the oxygen molecule is hit with 60GHz 5G waves, these waves affect the orbital resonance properties of those shared electrons. It is those shared electrons that bind to the hemoglobin in our blood.” (9)

It is this information which caused many to speculate 5G to be the cause of COVID19, linking oxygen absorption to an illness which causes breathing difficulties.

Anecdotal stories about birds and bees falling out of the sky are regularly associated with 5G. In my neighborhood, many people have reported piles of dead bees which seem to have been hit mid-flight next to antennas. Installers have reported dead birds around the antenna sites and immense brain fog and confusion when they are working near these antennas. 

Telecommunication companies have worked hard to fund their own studies and to silence any financially detrimental information. 5G will be operating at such a larger range of frequencies, with so many more devices connected, with so many antennas in all of our communities, it is a passive weapon against our overall well-being. 


5G as a Dormant Weapon

Though conspiratorial, the idea that 5G has potential to be used as an active weapon has technological support.

Recently in Hong Kong the people rioted and protested for their freedom against China. China took swift and invasive action, installing 5G antennas throughout the communities. According to my friend, an Australian who has lived in Hong Kong for 7 years, the citizens of Hong Kong regularly destroy the 5G towers, recognizing them as spy devices and weapons. This story validated some other strange “coincidences” about the particular frequency bands that 5G is operating on and its potential for surveillance and active harm.

The US military has a weapons technology that operates on the same millimeter spectrum as 5G. This weapon is called Active Denial System and uses millimeter wave antenna to direct energy at a target. (10, 11

The unfortunate person who is hit by these frequencies feels as though their skin is boiling. In extreme cases, the target can get blisters and boils on their skin. This technology is used for crowd control.

At the 2018 Olympics this technology was used over the 5G network to deter wild pigs from interfering with the festivities. (12

Considering the fact that our cell phones are geo-located even when off, the large range of frequencies, the multitude of antennas, the technology of beamforming to direct high intensity beams in any direction, and the military connection to millimeter wave technology, it’s no surprise why citizens are concerned about the turn up of the 5G network. 

Even if 5G is never intentionally used as an active weapon by telecommunication networks/government actors, the potential that it could be hacked and used as a weapon still remains. 


Protecting Yourself from 5G

  • Move Out of The City

My friend approached a worker installing 5G in Silverlake, Los Angeles and casually asked, “What’s the deal with 5G?” He told her, “Move out of the city. It’s much worse than they are saying and the only way to escape it is to move.”

  • Use EMF fabric and wear it like a burka.

This will essentially create a make-shift faraday cage around your body as you travel around the city.

  • EMF Shield Your House

EMF shielding paint, siding, and window shields can help limit frequencies from entering your space by turning your house into a faraday cage. Any frequencies inside your house have the potential to be amplified in this environment so this must be done with consideration and probably the elimination of cell phone, wireless, and microwave technology in your house to minimize other forms of artificially generated radiation.

  • Drown out the bad frequencies with good frequencies

A number of commercial devices are available which are meant to mimic the natural energies of the earth, plants, and nature. These devices claim to generate strong enough frequencies to mitigate the harm of electrosmog. 

  • Phase Invert the Signal

For this to work I think you would need to steal at least one tower and intercept the signal of the towers closest to you. Then you could run those signals through a phase inverter, thereby creating a neutralizing force. Downside, you will have no cell service at your house. This is likely a felony act.

  • Take Legislative Action

Good luck. You’re going against billion dollar mega corporations with vested interests. 

  • Destroy the towers

I believe this is likely a felony, so don’t get caught. According to footage online of people destroying the towers, it looks like the towers explode pretty easily with a single bullet. Since they are all over the neighborhood and relatively accessible, a very tall ladder or lift truck could be enough to manually remove the devices. In this case, caution must be made for high voltage power lines. 

  • Crystals and Orgonite 

Theoretically, crystals attenuate energy with their perfect molecular structure, but the idea that one shungite crystal is going to somehow filter all the electrosmog in your environment seems like a stretch. Shungite jewelry worn on the body, especially over the head and heart can do a certain amount of protection. Orgonite pyramids may work to transmute and neutralize negative frequencies. More research needs to be done on the power of these wonderful rocks and metals. 

  • Prayer and Meditation

As someone with electromagnetic sensitivities, I notice my symptoms are less when I am in a “high vibrational” state associated with Gamma brainwaves and general joy. Dancing, singing, and meditating, all work to abate my intense symptoms. Perhaps with enough prayer, we can shift the reality and outcome of this technology to one which is truly beneficial to us ALL.



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